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Roebuck, a Democratic incumbent, is running for a fifth term in the state House. He currently serves on the Education, Finance, Liquor Control and Urban Affairs Committees. Abortion: Roebuck favors abortion rights. Crime and Drugs: Roebuck favors strong punishment for drug offenders and advocates an effective rehabilitation program. He also favors the death penalty only when individual circumstances of the crime warrant it. Education: Roebuck supports adequate funding for public schools and has generally supported funds for institutions, including the University. He said he would like to see a more clear committment to the community by the University and its students. Roebuck also believes that if the state gives funds to the University, Pennsylvania residents should be given more opportunity to attend it. Environment: Roebuck says he has tried to vote on legislation that would improve the environment and on bills that would prevent ocean dumping and control waste sights. Philadelphia budget: Roebuck believes that the state should provide funds for the city's state-mandated programs, such as children and education programs. Source: James Roebuck. Edward Jacobs (R) Jacobs, a retired steel and gas turbine builder, says that he is running for the state house because he wants to help solve many problems facing his district. Abortion: Jacobs favors abortion rights. Crime and Drugs: Jacobs says that he does not think enough is being done to combat drugs in his district. He wants more police officers and more funds for drug prevention and treatment programs. He favors capital punishment for some murder cases. Education: Jacobs wants to make more federal and state funds available to college students. Environment: Jacobs wants to designate landfill areas in Philadelphia and favors stricter fines and penalties for ocean dumpers. He said that ocean dumping not only pollutes the oceans but pollutes food and beaches as well. Philadelphia budget: Jacobs advocates increased state and federal funding for Philadelphia, specifically for housing. Source: Edward Jacobs.

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