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David Marchino | The language of the resume

A life is not lived with the intention to fill a resume, nor are we meant to weigh experience solely in terms of professional application. When we commit ourselves to our work as so many of us have, it is easy to forget the importance of hobbies, casual interests and fantasies.

Clara Jane Hendrickson | The "Wild" craze

It is clear throughout that Strayed is not particularly concerned with the protection of the world responsible for her healing. This anthropocentrism, a view that humankind is at the center of all existence, helps fuel an attitude that condones the continual recreational use of natural spaces without commitment to their preservation.

Jay Havaldar | The death of the author

It's difficult to separate art from artist. In our culture, the artist is more than just a person — they are an institution, a myth, a force of nature. We see the artist as a vessel through which the creative force manifests. And so we arrive at ridiculous and irreconcilable paradoxes — how can John Lennon be both a champion of peace and a wife-beater?

Love me harder | Guest column by Rebecca Heilweil

As I began reading submissions, collecting essays and conversing over coffees, I observed that love had a profoundly underrepresented relationship to mental health. So many of our writers felt compelled to talk about their romantic experiences, yet simultaneously awkward about it. Their experiences couldn't be mental health issues; they were just being emotional.

Annika Neklason | Consider reconsidering

Instead of telling my sister to follow a plan into her future, I want her to know that there’s no honor in sticking with the wrong decision just because it’s the one you made first. You can always change your mind. You can always say no. You can always admit you were wrong, turn back and throw out every map you drew for yourself. And sometimes, you should.

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