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Why I thank Donald Trump for his derogatory comments about Mexicans

Adding to the long list of Republican presidential hopefuls, 1968 Wharton alumnus Donald Trump announced his candidacy on June 17, taking a punch not just at Obama and his adversaries, but also at Mexicans.

Claiming the United States has become “the dumping grounds for everybody else’s problems,” Trump accused our southern neighbor of “not sending their best.” Referring to Mexicans, the business real estate mogul stated, “They’re bringing drugs.

Clara Jane Hendrickson | Another way

There exists an alarming disconnect between those theorizing, writing, protesting and occupying in the name of class injustice, and the institutions and practices of power these efforts claim to reject. This chasm has solidified the left’s role as one of calling out injustice from the marginalized periphery rather than pushing for and achieving concrete demands.

David Marchino | This is living

This is a story that has been told many times. The precocious child from the troubled home perseveres. They get a full ride. They go to college. But, I have found that these stories conclude too early. They wrap up too neatly. I believe it necessary to dismantle the idea that admission to college marks the end of the struggle for victims of abuse.

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