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Jason Tangson | "Risus ante res," Laughter before matters

The cost of any potentially offensive joke can be redeemed if they’re clever enough — so much so that the audience recognizes the intention and structure is to be funny, and not that its choice of topic matter is inherently funny. In the case of Trevor Noah, he comes off as reckless.

Guest column by Sara Jones and Victoria Pereira | The Fling party that never got busted

A few hours after the weekend ended and our tired bodies were flinged/flang/flung out, curious friends pelted us with the same question: "What’s Fling like for MERT?" Our answer to this question is always the same: "organized chaos." But also, as far as our positions are concerned, "you have no idea."

It’s no rumor that Fling weekend is MERT’s busiest.

Editorial | Africa ≠ Africana

While some may follow Penn’s lead and assume that since both contain the word “Africa” they must be similar enough to simply be merged into one, this thinking is unfounded and wrong. This oversimplified reasoning serves as yet another example of the suppression and the overgeneralization of black voices in the world, and within our own University.

Editorial | A nontraditional viewpoint

Change in an institution as old and large as Penn does not always come quickly, but it does come. The University should be working to ensure LPS stays competitive for nontraditional students, which to date it has done a commendable job on.

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