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Amanda Reid | (Public) Spatial Awareness

Public space is always around, which is maybe why we forget its potential for discourse. With larger growth in online spaces, social networking sites specifically, physical public space no longer holds tangible influence over us.

Yet following the wide-scale flyer incident, then the homophobic preachers and their counter-protesters, we are reminded of the presence of human voices expressing opinions in the public sphere.

Ashley Stinnett | Healthy self-contempt

Why did I first want to take the monk class, back when I first heard about it in freshman year? It would be a fantastic way to get the cheekbones I’ve always wanted; I’ll be able to read the shit I definitely should have read by now (Ulysses, anyone?); I’ll finally have time to write and be super introspective and know my true self and I’m totes contemplative and everyone will think I’m badass and wise.

Why do I want to take the monk class now? I don’t know. I have no idea what’s going to happen. That’s precisely the appeal.

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