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Watching film with the Penn football team

A huge part of a week’s preparation, and a part opaque to many a casual fan, is film study. Both with coaches and individually, players watch recorded games featuring their opponent to glean whatever they can heading into the weekend’s matchup.

No-contact rules change women's lacrosse game

Much of this heritage is retained in the men’s game today. Players wear helmets, thick gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and elbow pads. Contact is encouraged and imposing one’s physicality on the opposing team is at least as important as speed and skill. Women’s lacrosse is essentially a different sport.

ETHAN ALTER | Penn’s season far from disappointing

For Jerome Allen, the word that sums up the Penn men’s basketball season is “disappointing.” But in my time at Penn, I have never seen so much excitement generated by a Penn sports program as the men’s basketball team did this year.

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