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11/14/12 10:38pm
Saturday, with the season on the line, the Quakers in the trenches were the imposers and the Harvard Crimson the imposed upon. The result was another Ivy League title and victory cigars all around.
11/10/12 3:42pm
Harvard won the opening coin toss, but not much more would go right for the Crimson at Franklin Field after that, as the Quakers scored on their opening drive and never trailed in a 30-21 victory.
11/08/12 1:51am
The best bodies at Penn came together in Zellerbach Theatre to compete for the titles of Mr. and Ms. Penn on Wednesday night.
10/28/12 8:08pm

Alter | Brown receiver Lundevall was star of the game

Penn’s homecoming victory over Brown on Saturday featured two elite wide receivers. One of them pulled in 17 catches for 170 yards and a touchdown. The other had 5 receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown.
10/17/12 12:28am

Jim Steel: Sculpting the Penn athlete

Jim Steel is a strong man. He has been for a long time. And for a long time, he’s been helping other people get strong too.
10/10/12 1:00am
A huge part of a week’s preparation, and a part opaque to many a casual fan, is film study. Both with coaches and individually, players watch recorded games featuring their opponent to glean whatever they can heading into the weekend’s matchup.
10/07/12 10:43pm
Sure, Penn’s offense finished Saturday’s game strong and almost pulled off the dramatic comeback victory. But if it had put itself in better position, Penn likely would’ve won the game.
09/25/12 1:34am
Even through two games, it’s too early to predict how the Quakers’ season will play out.
09/22/12 7:00pm
A mid-game quarterback change did little to change the Quakers’ offensive fortunes and Penn failed to snap its 101-year skid against Villanova, falling 24-8.
09/18/12 1:10am
After gaining admission without a nod from the football program, Joe Holder decided that a Penn education and the prospect of playing Division I football were too much to turn down.
09/14/12 1:25am

Football Preview | Ivy League full of talented wideouts

Ivy secondaries have struggled to defend a multiplicity of talented wide receivers. These pass-catchers will determine whether or not moving the ball through the air continues its upswing in the Ancient Eight.
09/11/12 12:20am
Unlike some of its non-conference opponents, Penn does not provide athletic scholarships, putting the Quakers at a disadvantage.
04/24/12 1:57am
Though women’s lacrosse has long been played sans helmets, the sport has faced increased scrutiny in recent years for rising concussion rates.
04/24/12 1:53am
Though women’s lacrosse has long been played sans helmets, the sport has faced increased scrutiny in recent years for rising concussion rates.
04/09/12 10:17pm
Much of this heritage is retained in the men’s game today. Players wear helmets, thick gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and elbow pads. Contact is encouraged and imposing one’s physicality on the opposing team is at least as important as speed and skill. Women’s lacrosse is essentially a different sport.
04/09/12 12:22am
Facing Northwestern, the defending national champions, the Quakers could not pull off the upset at Franklin Field.
03/25/12 10:48pm

Women's Lax come back to beat Big Red

The Quakers rebounded from a 3-0 deficit and came back to beat Cornell 11-10.
03/23/12 12:06am
The women’s lacrosse team will make the always arduous trek to No. 18 Cornell this weekend to face yet another nationally ranked team.
03/12/12 10:01pm
For Jerome Allen, the word that sums up the Penn men’s basketball season is “disappointing.” But in my time at Penn, I have never seen so much excitement generated by a Penn sports program as the men’s basketball team did this year.
02/28/12 11:04pm
Slowly, but surely, 2013 was purged from the Penn basketball team.
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