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05/10/12 7:42pm

Kotloff | #LifeOfASportswriter

I also leave having swallowed my share of reality doses when it comes to my dream job. I like to label them with #LifeOfASportswriter.
04/25/12 1:04am

Brian Kotloff | Batting .333 may be good for baseball, but not predictions

While I’ve spent the past several months in Witness Protection, now I’m being asked to revisit said predictions. In case anyone who read them needed a reminder of how awful they were.
02/01/12 12:59am
Last year, everything the Quakers built during a trio of league wins crumbled to pieces in a nightmarish week. Penn believes this year will be different.
01/30/12 9:05pm
No Penn player has ever graduated without beating Princeton at the Palestra. In a 82-67 win Monday night, Quakers seniors Tyler Bernardini and Zack Rosen quickly made sure they didn’t become the first.
12/08/11 11:24pm
To get a sense of how popular Penn guard Miles Cartwright is in Southern California, consider this: When the Quakers travel to Anaheim to play UCLA on Saturday, the sophomore ­— though wary of making a “huge assumption” — said, “I feel like there might be more Penn fans than UCLA fans.” VIDEO: This Week on 33rd Street: Dec 9
12/07/11 9:01pm
After a shoddy five-game stretch that included four losses, the Penn basketball team got its mojo back at the Palestra Wednesday night. Post-game presser: Penn vs. Delaware
11/28/11 11:32pm
In a normal year, the mismatches would end once the Ivy League season begins in January, but Harvard boasts an extremely athletic squad this year.
11/25/11 9:05pm
The Penn basketball team would need near flawless execution to beat a national power like No. 16 Pittsburgh. Friday night at the Palestra, the Quakers failed to play that perfect game.
11/15/11 1:49am
The message-sending win, whose shockwaves would resonate throughout the Big 5? Ruined. The Quakers’ hopes of finally completing the victory that would revive basketball on this campus? Vanished. For a collection of players so determined to mesh into an elite team, the game wasn’t supposed to end the way it did.
11/14/11 12:35am

Penn basketball set to take on Big 5 heavyweight Temple

In the earliest Big 5 game in history, the Quakers will host the Owls’ season opener Monday night at the Palestra. SEE ALSO: Penn defeats UMBC in season opener
11/11/11 3:07am
One pair of brothers grew up in the prototypical basketball environment. The other rarely even encountered the sport in their home country. Yet both the Cartwrights and Joks found their callings in basketball, which has carried them to unforeseen heights.
11/10/11 12:28am

Do you smell what Nawrocki's cookin'?

The Nawrocki brothers’ parents “discouraged” them from watching pro wrestling, Penn senior Luke recalls, but the boys always found ways around it. Soon enough, the whole family watched as Chris tried out for the WWE on the “Tough Enough” reality show.
10/24/11 10:25pm
The first thing teammates and coaches noticed about the new-and-improved Fran Dougherty was his body. Over the offseason, the timid, slight freshman has grown into a sturdy sophomore.
10/21/11 1:04am
Saturday at Franklin Field, Penn faces the unenviable task of defending top-notch Yale QB Patrick Witt, an NFL prospect.
09/30/11 12:30am

M. Hoops receives big commitment from 6-foot-10 center

Even after Jerome Allen reeled in seven intriguing recruits, the glaring need for a legitimate big man remained. That changed Thursday.
09/27/11 12:08am
Though just as colorful off the court, Keith “Showtime” Saunders doesn’t view his own animated refereeing as a show at all — it’s just a second job.
09/26/11 2:32am
Sunday night, Palestra folklore became reality, as NBA stars brought the magic back to the legendary arena.
09/23/11 3:21pm

Palestra set for Battle for I-95

DP’s resident NBA junkies debate what’s in store for Sunday’s NBA scrimmage, which features LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.
09/22/11 12:43am
The Wildcats outshot the Quakers, 18-6, over the course of the game.
09/22/11 12:33am
Saturday, for the first time in 51 years, it was not C.T. Alexander who held the position of Franklin Field’s public address announcer and the honor of relaying the game’s details to thousands of fans. It was the retired C.T.’s son, John.
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