Ivy League

01/12/17 8:03pm
Penn's own private-prison divestment campaign, Penn Divest from Displacement (PDD) wrote a 2015 editorial in The Daily Pennsylvanian, calling for the University to divest from two prison companies that the group charged with displacing minorities and other oppressed populations.
01/12/17 7:41pm
This program is not the first of its kind, and similar programs have been successful at universities like Brown, Cornell and Columbia.
01/10/17 8:44pm
Local residents are in a battle with Dartmouth University about the carcasses of lab mice and other experimental materials that were disposed of in the 1960s and 1970s. The property used to be a dumping ground for waste from experiments that traced how radioactive compounds travelled through life systems.
04/30/15 3:30am
Imagine it’s the bottom of the sixth inning in the rubber match of the Ivy League Championship series, your team is up 3-2 and just three outs separate you from an Ancient Eight crown, an NCAA berth and a chance at glory. Then, the opposing team drills in five runs, gains control of the lead in punishing fashion and all of that glory slips away. Penn softball doesn’t have to imagine.
09/22/14 1:48am
Black student leaders from all the Ivy League universities have come together to form the Black Ivy Coalition to address political issues for blacks.
10/28/13 8:43pm
Most of us were probably standouts in our high school, and now the tables have turned. Or at least, aren’t oriented so much in our favor. But when you’re at or near the top all the time, how much more can you grow?
10/14/13 8:11pm

Around the Ivies: How students shape academic life

Given SCUE’s recent academic initiatives, The Daily Pennsylvanian is taking a look at how other schools in the Ivy League are helping shape student academic life.
04/26/13 7:38pm

Ivy League announces conference-wide digital video network

The Ivy League announced Friday that it has partnered with Internet Protocol television company NeuLion to create the league’s first-ever digital sports network.