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05/08/13 6:46pm

Farewell Column by Mike Wisniewski | They're kicking me out

I joke with my mom the fact that I was born a month late reflects my personality. When I get comfortable somewhere, I don’t want to leave. I said the same thing about high school that I’m saying now about college: they’re kicking me out the door — I’m not going voluntarily.
04/24/13 2:23am

Q&A: The grind of going the distance

The Daily Pennsylvanian has run a series of pieces on marathon runners and long-distance running, and in preparation for the Penn Relays this weekend, has spoken to John Vasudevan, assistant professor of clinical physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Perelman School of Medicine.
04/24/13 12:05am
Lee, a Nursing and Wharton dual degree student who would have graduated from Penn last spring, collapsed after crossing the finish line of the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Nov. 20, 2011 and died shortly after being taken to Hahnemann University Hospital.
04/17/13 12:16am
Maybe it was a generator explosion, Erica Denhoff thought. She asked the policeman if it was safe to continue. He said yes. They would tell her if it stopped being safe. But a few miles later, there were more Boston police officers and more frantic people trying to reach their loved ones on the phone lines that would be down for hours.
04/03/13 7:37pm
John Cole’s squad could be looking at its first bid for a Gehrig Division crown since 2007 and its first run at an Ivy League title since 1995.
03/27/13 11:11pm
Aadu, an Engineering junior with an ideal 6-foot-2, 155-pound runner’s frame, wants to experience the hurt of each half-mile. He wants to struggle through it, to feel as if he won’t make it and finally push through.
03/21/13 9:07pm

Penn women's crew opens spring season against St. Joe's

Roughly fifty strokes, or 500 meters, will be the main focus of the Penn women’s crew team when it takes on St. Joseph’s and George Washington this Saturday on the Schuylkill River in the first race of the spring.
03/14/13 8:56pm

Deciphering Ivy baseball stats

What stats signal a good Ivy baseball season? After comparing American League and Ancient Eight statistics, the numbers really don’t lie after all.
03/03/13 2:12am

VIDEO: Penn v. Harvard postgame presser

See what Penn coach Jerome Allen and top scorers Tony Hicks and Darien Nelson-Henry had to say after the victory over Harvard.
03/02/13 12:04am
It’s pretty clear Penn’s level of irritation has reached the boiling point. In fact, it’s not just boiling, it’s overflowing. And it’s pretty clear why.
02/03/13 7:57pm
Twenty thousand Philadelphians enjoyed strippers and wings at 6 a.m. Friday morning at the sold out Wells Fargo Center for the City of Brotherly Love’s annual answer to the Eagles never being in the Super Bowl.
02/02/13 11:53pm
A wide-open Ancient Eight stands ripe for the taking, and nearly any team stands a chance to claim it. It just won’t be Penn.
01/28/13 8:36pm
Just as one shouldn’t praise Jerome Allen solely due to last season’s 20-13 finish, one should also not judge him based on Penn’s current 3-15 campaign.
01/24/13 10:38pm
If Penn wants to find success in Ivy League play, Miles Cartwright will have to continue to take control.
01/23/13 9:06pm
The Quakers held the Khalif Wyatt in check and chugged along with small leads until the 5:25 mark when Wyatt hit yet another trey and gave Temple a 66-64 lead it would not relinquish.
01/16/13 11:58pm
In his four years as an assistant coach at NJIT, Bowman played a large role in helping the program achieve respectability — going from 1-30 in his first season to 15-15 and 15-17 in his third and fourth seasons, respectively.
01/08/13 9:00pm
Penn men’s basketball drops all four of its games over winter break.
01/08/13 7:23pm
The similarities between the Palestra and Hinkle Fieldhouse couldn’t be more evident, but only one arena takes the cake.
01/03/13 8:53pm
The Penn basketball team has one glaring, fatal flaw. And the only way to fix it is through effort and a willingness to win.
01/02/13 9:29pm
It was all No. 17 Butler down the stretch, and the Bulldogs closed out the game on a 21-5 run to coast to a 70-57 victory at the Hinkle Fieldhouse.
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