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11/02/18 1:59am
Penn announced it would give students living in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida panhandle an extension until Nov. 12 to send in their ED applications, as well as waive the $75 application fee.
10/24/18 12:32am
Penn Athletics is currently in the "final stages" of an internal investigation conducted by a hired outside legal counsel. 
10/17/18 4:23am
The LSAT transition to digital testing will begin in July 2019. The only change is that students will now be using a Samsung tablet and stylus, rather than traditional pen and paper, to take the exam. 
10/08/18 3:57am
Penn Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said within two years, admissions officers across the country may be facing a very different admissions process. 
10/08/18 3:02am
Dozens of rooms in the Quad reported to have water damage and mold, causing some students to be ill and forcing many to relocate.
09/21/18 2:10am
Furda said the lack of available data may add to the stress surrounding the already existing mystique surrounding college admissions. 
09/15/18 6:22pm
This is not the first time ceilings have caved in. In February 2017 and in October 2014 collapsed ceilings forced residents out of Quad dorm rooms.
09/06/18 2:25am
The Justice Department supported the students Thursday, arguing that Harvard has failed to prove it does not unlawfully discriminate against Asian Americans in its admissions process.
09/04/18 3:34am
Chosen each year by LSE, the selected students will travel to London to study a breadth of legal fields, such as arbitration, human rights and international law, among others.  
04/19/18 3:46pm
The firm purchased the building, located at 22 S. 40th Street, for $2.5 million from mental health care facility and reportedly plans to restore the building to its former glory through $5 million renovations expected to last less than a year.
03/25/18 11:21pm
Described as 'a racecar-driving lawyer from California,' Avenatti has become a central figure in Daniels' case against Trump and has made no effort to stay behind the scenes.
03/21/18 2:00pm
In support of the "#Enough" National School Walkout to Protest Gun Violence on March 14, students at Drexel, Temple, and Villanova staged walkouts of their own. Many of these students continue to engage in the movement.
02/26/18 4:55pm
This announcement follows a wave of other universities taking similar action, including Boston University, MIT, Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Penn State.
02/26/18 2:58am
The Penn Language Center, separately from the grant, also plans to expand its native language offerings to include Cherokee.
01/17/18 4:18am
Pradhan will serve as "human rights council" and said her primary objective is to detail Baluchi’s torture and mistreatment while in custody for over 13 years since the 9/11 attack.
12/01/17 7:14pm
This newfound information is anticipated to help stimulate memory and eventually restore memory in patients suffering from brain injuries or diseases such as Alzheimer's.
11/08/17 7:33pm
This is not the first time PennDesign has taken steps to reinvigorate Philadelphia’s urban landscape. 
10/24/17 3:30am
Vite! is a mobile networking application that gives students a way to share all forms of formal and informal contact information quickly. 
10/18/17 7:33am
Sparta Science, based out of Menlo Park, Calif., uses its software platform to give coaches and trainers the ability to measure, and subsequently avoid player injury risk.
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