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05/15/15 3:01am
If there’s one thing I learned in four years at Penn and three years at The Daily Pennsylvanian, it’s that truth is subjective. “How can that be?” you may wonder.
01/22/15 1:51am
While SFS uses a number of methods to communicate with students regularly, when situations outside the norm arise, communication can break down.
12/08/14 3:01am
The 5B -- the five different umbrella coalitions which represent minority groups -- recently held elections for their new executive boards.
12/04/14 1:52am
Protesters marched through the city on Wednesday evening.
12/01/14 2:34am
Leading up to and during this Thanksgiving break, many Penn students joined the national protest against a grand jury’s decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson, a white man, for shooting Michael Brown, a black teenager.
11/24/14 11:05pm
Students were greatly disappointed Monday night following the decision in the Ferguson case
11/18/14 3:04am
Every Friday since Oct. 3, members of SOUL and other students have protested on College Green as part of their "Ferguson Friday" movement.
11/12/14 2:18am
Sean Vereen and the other speaker at the UMC talk, English professor Herman Beavers, feel that Penn groups aren't doing enough to address the inequalities caused by the meritocracy.
10/30/14 1:38am
Student Financial Services canceled the work study grants of students who work as Residential Advisors, but didn't notify them until October.
10/28/14 9:59am

Sounding off on white privilege, stereotypes

The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to students interested in the race debate to discuss rhetoric that is at play when we talk about race. 
10/22/14 1:49am
Several students were disappointed to find out that next year's theme year would be the Year of Discovery, after hearing that the book selected would be Langston Hughes' autobiography.
10/13/14 1:14am
While the planning is still underway with the new student advisory board for Student Financial Services, the creation of the board signifies an attempt to listen to what students have to say about their financial aid.
10/01/14 2:12am
Implementing changes at Penn can take time.
09/30/14 6:27pm
Clemmie Harris was
09/23/14 2:28am
Students say many career paths and advanced degrees are closed to them.
09/22/14 1:48am
Black student leaders from all the Ivy League universities have come together to form the Black Ivy Coalition to address political issues for blacks.
09/22/14 1:44am
La Casa Latina, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, functions as a gathering place for Latino students and a resource center for 18 Latino student organizations.
09/16/14 1:51am

La Casa kicks off celebration of 15 years

The first event to celebrate La Casa Latina's anniversary is on Monday at 12 p.m. in the basement of the ARCH building, and offers a chance to learn about the story behind the founding of the center.
09/11/14 3:11am
A month has passed since 18-year old Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Mo. The mass protests have quieted down, but the energy is still felt on Penn’s campus.Not in the form of a protest, or a large-scale public demonstration.
09/04/14 7:13pm
Penn for Immigrant Rights just received their first round of applications for their scholarship that is open to students regardless of their legal status. The DP takes a look at how they built the scholarship.
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