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05/13/16 11:39am

Senior column by Alyssa Berlin | Thank you

To say I am bad with change and endings would be an understatement. I was that kid who cried on the last day of elementary school every year.
12/10/13 4:35pm

Prof advises students to track social media usage

Jesse Suh recommends that students use new apps to keep track of time spent on their devices and find out if it is interfering with other parts of their lives.
12/08/13 3:23pm

MERT survey reports many don't know how to contact them

A survey conducted by MERT reports that while students do know fundmental aspects about MERT, many don’t know how to contact them.
12/03/13 3:58pm
“AppHappy” uses games as an alternative form of therapy for international students who are reluctant to seek help for mental health issues.
11/21/13 4:30pm

New study looks at Twitter's portrayal of prescription drugs

The study analyzed over 2,100 tweets over a one-week period and found that most people were talking about abusing the medication rather than using it therapeutically.
11/17/13 4:42pm

Students build new platform for essays and stories

A group of students are looking to provide you with a good read.
11/11/13 4:30pm

New program addresses adult care for autism

In-depth consultations help to address any problems the families may have regarding medication, diagnosis, coordinating treatment and issues pertaining to the transition to adulthood.
11/03/13 3:05pm
Student nurses in their junior year are encouraged to look for externship programs that allow them to work in hospital units and get hands on experience.
10/29/13 4:33pm
A project called “Face to Face” will feature portraits of children with facial deformities painted by artists from a local Philadelphia art studio called Studio Incamminati.
10/15/13 8:13pm
Lawrence Scott Ward’s appeal for a lighter prison sentence has been denied. Ward claimed that the sentence was inappropriate on several grounds.
10/08/13 4:07pm

Measuring impact of Penn Med CAREs grants

The grants support student, faculty and staff led efforts to improve the health of the community and foster community involvement.
10/03/13 5:26pm
Penn Medicine Washington Square was built with the patient in mind.
09/24/13 7:37pm
?The University has received a $20 million federal grant to fund the University of Pennsylvania Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science.
09/23/13 4:39pm

Penn Med shows high schoolers careers in medicine

The Penn Medicine High School Pipeline Program began in 2008 as a summer internship but has evolved into a two-year program comprised of internships and college courses.
09/11/13 5:00pm
The “Pet the Pooch” program brings animals to HUP to help the staff relax, which also helps them get adopted.
09/04/13 3:03pm

Wharton grad raises breast cancer awareness

Ellen Perl hopes to enlighten Jewish women on their risks for a breast cancer gene.
09/02/13 8:36pm
Along with the new free condom policy, Student Health Service has been working with college houses to create a better system of distribution of condoms among students.
04/23/13 6:12pm
Tuesday afternoon, animal rights group Animal ACTivists of Philly rallied at 34th and Walnut streets against the abuse of research animals at Penn and other universities. According to a 2011 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine report, Penn is number one among Ivy League universities in the number and severity of violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
04/16/13 9:25pm
Penn students have created a new way to foster interaction among the many diverse groups on campus: PennWorld.
04/11/13 10:54pm

MULTIMEDIA: 40 Years of Fling

Check out this multimedia timeline on the history of this big Penn tradition
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