People share a variety of different places that they go to for both shelter and food during finals week.

Credit: Carson Kahoe / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Finals week is here again, but with good food and a comfortable place to study, students are slowly but surely making it through these last few days of the semester.

Good food, however, isn’t quite synonymous with healthy food. When asked about their favorite finals-week food, many students responded with the same answer.

“I’m a Wawa lover,” College and Wharton freshman Anisha Vavilala said. “Junk food all the way.”

College freshman Patrick Teese was in agreement.

“Classic Wawa,” he said. “Gotta love it.”

Teese also appreciates how close Wawa is to his dorm.

“It’s close enough to Kings Court and it’s open 24/7,” he said.

Insomnia cookies are another favorite late-night food to keep students from being hungry while they study, especially if they don’t want to have to leave their residences at night.

“Insomnia doesn’t hurt for late-night studying,” Vavilala said.

College and Wharton Freshman Arman Ramezani doesn’t mind walking a bit further from his dorm to get food he likes during finals week.

“I just recently discovered Wishbone,” he said, referring to a popular place on campus to get chicken and other comfort food. “It’s open 'til 3:00 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.”

College freshman Katherine Novak likes to go get coffee at a place where she can also get work done.

“HubBub is good for a change of pace,” she said. “And they have good coffee.”

Studying in coffee shops is a popular trend among Penn students, especially during finals season. But some students find that a quieter, less crowded environment allows them to work more productively.

College and Wharton freshman Jorge Gonzalez loves studying in the noiseless Fisher Fine Arts Library, a place where he can focus on his work without others acting as distractions.

“I go inside, up the black staircase,” he said. “There are several cubicles where you can isolate yourself from the world.”

Ramezani also likes having a silent study space, but he prefers to be surrounded by others who are studying as well.

“Whenever I know I need to get shit done, I'll go somewhere that’s as quiet as possible and as public as possible,” he said. “The Quiet Study Lounge in Huntsman [Hall] is good.”

Another one of Ramezani’s favorite places to study during finals, along with many other Penn students, is Van Pelt Library.

“I also like studying on the ground floor of Van Pelt because they’re pretty no-nonsense,” Ramezani said.

College senior Nicole Flibbert is also a fan of Van Pelt when it comes to studying for finals. However, she prefers the top floor.

“The sixth floor of Van Pelt, the couches there,” she said. “You can also fall asleep on the couches there if you get tired.”

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