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08/30/17 11:33pm
“The biggest benefit was not having to deal with the chaos of moving in when everyone else moves in."
08/23/17 7:30am
According to education site College Factual, the top five undergraduate majors come from the College, Nursing and Wharton. 
06/15/17 10:39pm
“Hey Day was truly the biggest expression of school spirit I've ever seen at Penn,” College junior Catherine Oksas said. “And it lasted almost a full 2 hours. It was crazy.”
04/24/17 10:01pm
Two of the speakers at Penn's March for Science have associations with Penn: Paul Offit, who is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, and Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neuroscience.
04/23/17 8:18pm
Wharton freshman Linda Zhang said she has participated in over 10 experiments from the Wharton Behavioral Laboratory this year, earning about $100. “You can earn easy money," she said. "Like if [I] have an hour in between classes, that’s usually what I do."
04/20/17 6:40pm
Harvard sophomore and President of the group, Conor Healy told the Harvard Crimson that the groups hopes to “[test] the university’s policies on free speech." 
04/17/17 11:17pm
Executive Director of the College of Liberal and Professional Studies David Bieber said that the programs were canceled because not enough students had signed up.
04/16/17 9:51pm
There was an extensive application process to gain admission to the course, and students were notified via email whether or not they had been accepted. According to the email sent out to applicants, over 250 people applied for only 70 spots.
04/16/17 7:01pm
“This is an attachment that attaches onto the exhaust pipe of the wood burning stove, and it captures some of the heat that is being lost through the exhaust,” Engineering senior Kellen Sanna said.
04/12/17 8:34am
After being approved by The Board of Trustees of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 173 Guggenheim Fellowships were awarded on April 6th to a diverse group of scholars, artists, and scientists from the United States and Canada.
04/03/17 10:41pm
Robertson will be working as a camp counselor for eight weeks, during the months of June and July. When she returns home in May, she will start her weekend shifts working her second job at an Italian ice shop.
03/28/17 10:09pm
Each week, the class will spend 4 1/2 hours reading a book in silence before eating dinner they cook for one another.
03/24/17 5:00pm
When two men tried to enter Nina Teller and Leroy Buchanan’s home in West Philadelphia in February, the couple’s pet pit bull, Blue, tried to protect his owners.
03/19/17 8:18pm
“It was extra weird since we didn’t have class during spring break or this week, so it just seems like a very long time to not have class,” Trubowitsch said. 
03/15/17 11:02pm
Credit for Biology 091 and Chemistry 091 will no longer be offered to students enrolling in fall 2017.
03/14/17 7:43pm
“The cost of going to Penn for another year as opposed to making money was a major factor,” College junior Gabrielle Jackson said.
03/02/17 5:17pm
Incyte Corporation, a pharmaceutical company, will be having a multi-year research partnership with the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.
02/27/17 9:53pm
In a statement released prior to the event, Hillel condemned “these overt acts of hatred, which have no space on our campus or in our country.”
02/25/17 4:33pm
Because of test-stealing and other forms of cheating, College Board will have an international security increase for the SAT.
02/16/17 11:00pm
Engineering senior Sacha Best has the unusual privilege of teaching as an undergrad.
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