Racial sensitivities coupled with active demonstrations on college campuses have garnered national attention the past couple of weeks. A recent controversy at Yale, concerning insensitive costumes and the university’s role in policing students’ choice of costumes inspired a heated debate the weekend leading up to Halloween.

On Oct. 28, Yale University’s Intercultural Affairs Committee sent an email to students asking them to be mindful during the holiday and to try to refrain from “culturally unaware and insensitive” costumes. In response, Erika Christakis, a lecturer and administrator of a residential community within Yale College, sent an email to residents, questioning the need for Yale to impose such institutional monitoring onto their students for things like costumes during Halloween. This response incited an organized student protest called the “March of Resiliency” on Monday in the name of inclusiveness.

When interviewed, a Yale student said, “Masters are supposed to create a space on campus where students can speak. Both sides are equally represented and both sides can come to conversation and share those thoughts.”

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