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12/03/13 4:09pm

New website allows students to suggest Wharton courses

Four Wharton students have created a website that allows students to suggest course ideas not currently offered in the Wharton curriculum.
12/02/13 2:53pm
The Office of Admissions is now instructing tour guides, who are members of the Kite and Key Society, to say less about starting new clubs or language courses.
11/25/13 9:10pm
About 40 percent of Wharton MBA and undergraduate students are female, yet Wharton has only brought a handful of female speakers over the past five years.
11/19/13 7:04pm
Wharton students are pushing for a policy that will give non-Wharton students who are enrolled in Wharton classes the ability to book group study rooms in Huntsman Hall.
11/18/13 5:18pm
The Fed Challenge competition challenges students to analyze the state of the economy and create a monetary policy for Federal Reserve banks.
11/13/13 6:54pm

Penn to host conference on India's economic role

The three day conference, which will be split between Penn’s Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses, will discuss India as a place of innovation.
10/28/13 8:55pm

Penn stays silent over Peking University prof departure

Penn has many ties with the Chinese university. In March 2010, Penn entered a memorandum of understanding with Peking University, and many of Penn’s schools work closely with the Chinese university.
10/20/13 8:54pm
Turner said he wants KIPP co-founder Michael Feinberg to expose students to the practitioner side of social impact.
10/15/13 7:10pm
Wharton professor studies the work and life integration of Wharton graduates, many of who find managing work and family difficult with increased work requirements.
10/06/13 7:52pm
Bobby Turner, a 1984 Wharton graduate and founder of the Lauren and Bobby Turner Social Impact Executive Speaker Series, explains his choice of Ashton Kutcher to come speak for the series.
10/01/13 8:21pm
Applications to the MBA program have fallen 6 percent just in the past year.
09/30/13 8:58pm

New student group teaches networking skills

The networking program was kickstarted at Yale University last year and has since expanded to other campuses. The group received approximately 60 applicants from all four schools.
09/25/13 5:32pm

Professors give advice for student success

Various professors give recommendations for increased students achievement — from having flexible attitudes to setting physical reminders.
09/19/13 6:23pm

Wharton offers online Financial Times subscriptions

2,000 users have already registered for access.
09/16/13 2:11pm
About 50 members of Wharton faculty and staff collaborated with Sirius XM to refine the concept. Business radio is set to launch in early 2014 on Sirius XM channel 111, app and online.
09/10/13 6:59pm
Legal studies professor G. Richard Shell, author of new book “Springboard: Launching your Personal Search for Success” and professor of the popular Wharton School “Success” course, has a mission to change the way people define success.
09/08/13 7:40pm

Wharton to feature core courses on Coursera

Each of the four courses are set to begin on Coursera within the next few weeks and last from six to 10 weeks.
08/29/13 8:05pm
Over the summer, the University completed all necessary registration with the Chinese government.
08/28/13 10:00pm

What's new at Huntsman Hall

Learn more about technology updates in the Group Study Rooms.
08/27/13 11:32pm

Class of 2017: At a Glance

Stats and numbers on your newest class of freshmen.
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