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04/28/21 9:54pm
The resolution considers full divestment to be an end to new investments by Fiscal Year 2021, and complete divestment by Fiscal Year 2025. 
04/26/21 9:47pm
Newly elected Undergraduate Assembly President and College junior Tori Borlase and UA Vice President and College and Wharton junior Janice Owusu plan to prioritize student wellness and administrative accountability next year.
04/22/21 11:25pm
Last year, the Class of 2021 celebrated Hey Day virtually with a video from Class Board 2021 and Penn President Amy Gutmann. 
04/21/21 9:38pm
Students who have been in West & Down and witnessed long lines outside the club expressed doubts about its enforcement of mask-wearing and other COVID-19 safety protocols.
04/14/21 11:51pm
Sister R&B duo Chloe x Halle will perform Friday night, and rapper Wale and Nigerian singer-songwriter Wizkid will perform Saturday night.
04/14/21 8:45pm
Borlase won the presidency over her opponent, College and Wharton junior Nikhil Gupta, by a margin of 35 votes. College and Wharton junior Janice Owusu won the vice presidency by a margin of 65 votes.
04/14/21 12:20am
College junior Tori Borlase and College and Wharton junior Nikhil Gupta answered questions about how they plan to pursue their respective agendas if elected.
04/12/21 2:07am
College junior and UA Academic Initiatives Director Tori Borlase and College and Wharton junior and UA Treasurer Nikhil Gupta, both of whom are running for president, answered questions about their qualifications and platforms at the debate.
04/08/21 1:33am
The seminar took place just hours after Penn announced its new plan to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from endowment investments by 2050.
04/06/21 12:35am
Gryffin, a DJ and music producer, and Cherub, an electro-indie duo, will perform on April 9, and pop singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama and EDM duo Louis the Child will perform on April 10.
04/04/21 11:07pm
The Nominations & Elections Committee postponed the Class of 2024’s fall elections because students had not had a chance to be on campus or get to know one another.
03/23/21 12:40am
The event — which some student and faculty leaders say is an important step in a longer process of voicing climate concerns to administrators — will take place on April 7 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
03/19/21 1:50am
“This corresponds to a very long history in this country of the way it has treated Asians and Asian American women in particular,” English professor and Director of the Asian American Studies Program Josephine Park said.
03/15/21 12:16am
PSG is using the money to make large, one-time purchases or endowments, including an endowed fund for public service internships and a grocery delivery pilot program for highly aided students.
03/09/21 7:59pm
Despite the shortened two-day spring break taking place this week, some students reported that they have assignments due on days where no classes will be held.
03/08/21 12:59am
The Social Planning and Events Committee announced it would hold the concert virtually on April 9, 10, 16, and 17. The event will be free and feature multiple performers that have yet to be announced.
02/28/21 11:26pm
As May approaches and the threat of COVID-19 still looms large, many universities are reconsidering their plans to hold in-person commencement ceremonies for the classes of 2020 and 2021.
02/18/21 2:00am
College sophomore Tyler McCormick won the election after running unopposed and receiving 100% of the vote.
02/17/21 9:29pm
All classes will be held online, but COVID-19 testing will continue with a modified schedule at a limited number of sites.
02/11/21 12:02am
Some students are reporting inadequate and confusing meal policies and violations of safety guidelines.
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