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12/12/21 6:23pm
The petition calls for final exams for large lecture classes to be moved online, citing several grievances with the enforcement of the PennOpen Pass self-reporting system and difficulties with social distancing in classrooms. 
12/09/21 7:18pm
Several high-ranking members of Penn’s administration announced their plans to leave Penn, either temporarily or permanently. 
12/08/21 11:34pm
The Social Life Inclusion Fund will distribute $50,000 each year over the next three years starting this semester in a three-year pilot program.
12/02/21 12:07am
Maria Paula Romo was dismissed by the Ecuadorian Assembly for her oversight of the government's allegedly abusive response to protests.
11/15/21 11:36pm
The election was held to fill four seats made vacant when elected UA members stepped down from their roles.
11/10/21 10:55am
The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is testing air samples for toxic pollution and recommended that those with heart or lung problems avoid exerting themselves in areas with smoke.
11/05/21 12:40am
The Student Activities Council, one of Penn's six student governing branches, will be led by its new chair, Engineering junior Evan Bean.
10/28/21 12:31am
The Transfer Student Organization is in the final stages of confirming that transfer students will be able to occupy the entire 11th floor of Rodin College House.
10/10/21 8:20pm
Class Board 2025 will hold Econ Scream on Oct. 11 at the Ware Patio in the Quad.
10/05/21 9:08pm
Class Board 2022 announced on Sept. 29 that Hey Day for the Class of 2022 would take place on Wednesday, Oct. 13 during class hours.
10/04/21 11:39pm
Local residents suggested Penn can improve its relationship with West Philadelphia by making parts of campus more accessible to the public and encouraging student participation in community organization.
09/29/21 11:20pm
2022 Class Board President and College senior Sam Strickberger said that this year’s Hey Day will be like a typical one in all respects, including shirts, skimmers, and canes.
09/22/21 8:24pm
Students reported varying degrees of accommodation and a lack of clarity from professors about what accommodations or extensions they are entitled to. 
09/19/21 11:37pm
In a tight race, Krasnow captured 192 votes to runner-up Wharton first year Swarith Reddy's 189.
09/16/21 11:41pm
Campaigning for the New Student Elections — which began on Sept. 14 — will look the same as it would in a typical year, although candidates must continue to abide by the University’s COVID-19 guidelines.
09/08/21 11:56pm
Gutmann is set to depart her role after President Joe Biden nominated her to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Germany in July.
09/08/21 11:31pm
While students have eagerly awaited a return to in-person campus life, some are also feeling a sense of anxiety associated with in-person interactions.
09/07/21 2:01am
Only one undergraduate student will serve on the search committee for Penn's next president. 
09/06/21 11:17pm
The UA internally elected College and Wharton junior Carson Sheumaker as speaker, College sophomore Pranav Tadikonda as secretary, and College junior Sarah Ramadan as treasurer.
09/02/21 1:30am
While some believe that contracting COVID-19 is inevitable on a full campus, students said they are not worried due to Penn's vaccination requirement. 
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