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02/18/21 2:00am
College sophomore Tyler McCormick won the election after running unopposed and receiving 100% of the vote.
02/17/21 9:29pm
All classes will be held online, but COVID-19 testing will continue with a modified schedule at a limited number of sites.
02/11/21 12:02am
Some students are reporting inadequate and confusing meal policies and violations of safety guidelines.
02/09/21 11:44pm
The budget, which allocates funds to the six branches of PSG, the Medical Emergency Response Team, and Penn Labs for the next school year, normally increases annually by three to four percent.
02/05/21 12:57am
The slideshow was not affiliated with, or sanctioned by OAX, College junior and OAX Standards Chair Cecelia Vieira said. The off campus social group condemned the slideshow. 
02/03/21 12:32pm
Student groups hoping to meet in person — either indoors or outdoors — must submit a request explaining why the activity cannot be held virtually.
01/31/21 11:43pm
SCUE releases a White Paper every five years recommending long-term changes to Penn's academic policies. This year's paper was set to be released in 2020, but was delayed due to COVID-19.
01/31/21 11:25pm
All classes will be held online, and select dining halls will remain open on Monday. 
01/29/21 1:29am
Cutter & Buck has a license with the University to manufacture sportswear and golf apparel featuring Penn’s logo, but no Penn-branded apparel was produced under forced labor conditions.
01/25/21 12:48am
Class Board President and Wharton senior Lizzie Youshaei said she hopes the change to April Club will allow for the possibility of some in-person, outdoor events as the weather becomes warmer, and if the COVID-19 pandemic improves
01/19/21 11:47pm
In August, PSG announced the donation of $200,000 to Makuu, of which $150,000 was reserved for UMOJA, and $50,000 for the Center for Africana Studies in an email to undergraduates. 
01/11/21 10:25pm
Anthropology Department Chair Kathleen Morrison confirmed that ANTH 220: "Historical Archaeology Laboratory," the course professor Robert Schuyler was scheduled to teach, will no longer be offered in the spring.
01/11/21 10:36am
Robert Schuyler, an associate professor of anthropology, held his arm in a Nazi salute and used the Nazi phrase “Sieg heil” during a brief altercation with an invited speaker at an archaeological conference.
12/10/20 1:52am
University officials said they are aware of the reports of forced labor and are waiting for the results of a full investigation to find out the details of the alleged violations. 
12/09/20 11:25pm
University City businesses took a hit after students left campus in March.
12/04/20 12:23am
“We’ve spoken to Vice President Rush, confirmed that the remarks were not directed at the student but another matter unrelated to University Council, and she has apologized for the use of inappropriate language,” University spokesperson Stephen MacCarthy wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian. “We consider this matter closed.”
12/04/20 12:21am
College sophomore Keerthi Jayaraman won an October special election with 22 total votes. College senior Anish Welde also ran unopposed in the November special election and secured election to the final vacant seat with just 12 votes. 
12/03/20 12:29am
Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of the Penn Police Department Maureen Rush confirmed that she said, “F*** you, bitch,” during a student’s speech on suspending University operations on Election Day, but maintained that the words were not directed at the student.
11/29/20 11:45pm
In the place of a formal Class Board, a group of about 40 first years has formed a Class of 2024 Committee to help facilitate virtual, class-wide social events this semester.  
11/19/20 11:55pm
The recent surge in cases and city restrictions have caused many students to doubt Penn's plans to open on-campus housing this spring, particularly as some students claim that there continues to be large indoor gatherings and parties off campus.
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