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07/28/20 7:03pm
The study found that the majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who suffered strokes had preexisting conditions that put them at higher risk for strokes to begin with.
07/14/20 10:57pm
The campaign, Penn for PILOTs, is the first united effort by Penn faculty and staff that demands the University pay PILOTs, voluntary financial payments that property tax-exempt organizations make to local governments.
07/09/20 11:01pm
In a June 29 email to Student Activities Council groups, OSA Associate Director of Activities Rodney Robinson announced that SAC-funded student groups may donate their unused revenue to charities. 
07/09/20 4:20pm
Wharton's fall classes enrolling more than 48 students will be conducted online, with classes of fewer than 48 students potentially offered in a hybrid format. 
07/02/20 11:41pm
While they will be present on campus in the fall, incoming transfers are concerned that online instruction and the Student Campus Compact will make the transition to the University more difficult than normal.
06/08/20 12:00am
OSA emailed SAC-funded groups on Tuesday, informing them that “funds which have been deposited with the University cannot be used to provide donations to charitable organizations due to the University’s designation as a non-profit organization.”
06/04/20 3:43pm
Although students will be able to submit standardized test scores, those who do not submit will not be at a disadvantage.
06/01/20 10:58pm
Elections offices must receive ballots by 5 p.m. EDT on June 9, one week after the original deadline. Ballots must still be postmarked by June 2. 
06/01/20 4:31pm
From Donald Trump's win at the 2016 presidential elections to racially explicit texts targeting Penn students of  color, the Class of 2020's first year at Penn saw great shock, tension, and resilience within the Penn community.
05/30/20 8:12pm
The Crew Dragon capsule containing astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley is expected to reach the International Space Station at approximately 10:30 a.m. EDT Sunday morning after about 19 hours in space.
05/28/20 8:19pm
Mail-in ballots must be received by county elections officials by 8 p.m. on June 2, next Tuesday, to be counted. A postmark prior to that time will not count. 
05/27/20 10:46pm
Professors are adapting their courses to prepare for each of the four scenarios listed in the May 21 email regarding possibilities for the fall semester.
05/19/20 2:37pm
DPS issued an all-clear at 2:16 p.m. for a return to normal activity.
05/17/20 9:54pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced in an email to the Class of 2020 that deans, professors, classmates, family, and friends would also attend the postponed ceremony.
04/30/20 11:28pm
Class Board 2021 President and Wharton and College senior Lizzie Youshaei said Class Board 2021 plans to hold an on-campus Hey Day when it is safe to do so.
04/30/20 12:46am
With the outgoing executive board consisting of three men and four women, incoming and outgoing board members said they are excited to see women holding all positions on the seven-person board.  
04/29/20 12:27am
After surviving cancer herself, Abramson and her husband donated $100 million to establish the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at Penn Medicine.
04/27/20 1:35am
Coronavirus has hit industries ranging from entertainment to retail to academia, leaving students scrambling to navigate an unpredictable job market. 
04/20/20 12:22am
Penn Medicine’s Vice President for Public Affairs Patrick Norton wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian that the University of Pennsylvania Health System will continue to recruit employees “to ensure [Penn Med] can continue to meet our patient care mission.”
04/15/20 12:36am
Interfraternity Council President and College junior Louis Galarowicz said most fraternities plan to either refund or credit approximately half of the dues paid this semester.
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