Articles by Elizabeth Meisenzahl

12/09/19 12:00am
At a Dec. 5 meeting of PPI research scholars, Katzenbach said this money will be available until current funds run out, attendees said.
12/04/19 8:15pm
The office will soon shift to distributing reimbursements electronically and accepting deposits through a Smart Safe in the lobby. 
11/07/19 8:52pm
PSG leaders aim to foster a space where students can learn about each of the six government branches and feel comfortable advocating their concerns to student representatives.
10/20/19 6:17pm
The five-week project, called Curious Cabinets, required first-year architecture students to scan museum artifacts to develop 18 different 3D models for the installation.
09/26/19 10:54pm
The ranking puts Philadelphia up three spots from last year’s report, when it came in at 14th.
09/22/19 10:40pm
At Comegys, Penn students will conduct after-school sessions twice a week to discuss democracy, branches of government, the Constitution, and what being a good citizen looks like. 
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