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12/04/20 12:23am
“We’ve spoken to Vice President Rush, confirmed that the remarks were not directed at the student but another matter unrelated to University Council, and she has apologized for the use of inappropriate language,” University spokesperson Stephen MacCarthy wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian. “We consider this matter closed.”
12/04/20 12:21am
College sophomore Keerthi Jayaraman won an October special election with 22 total votes. College senior Anish Welde also ran unopposed in the November special election and secured election to the final vacant seat with just 12 votes. 
12/03/20 12:29am
Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of the Penn Police Department Maureen Rush confirmed that she said, “F*** you, bitch,” during a student’s speech on suspending University operations on Election Day, but maintained that the words were not directed at the student.
11/29/20 11:45pm
In the place of a formal Class Board, a group of about 40 first years has formed a Class of 2024 Committee to help facilitate virtual, class-wide social events this semester.  
11/19/20 11:55pm
The recent surge in cases and city restrictions have caused many students to doubt Penn's plans to open on-campus housing this spring, particularly as some students claim that there continues to be large indoor gatherings and parties off campus.
11/13/20 12:42am
The UA unanimously passed a resolution calling on Penn to institute two to five single day breaks on Fridays or Mondays throughout the remainder of the fall semester and the upcoming spring semester.
11/09/20 11:21pm
Following Penn's closure of on-campus housing just weeks before the start of the fall semester, students are concerned that the University will go back on its word once again, particularly as COVID-19 cases continue to rise during the winter months.
11/04/20 12:06am
Students participating in the strike cited the cancellation of fall break, Penn’s failure to cancel classes on Election Day, and the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. as causes of students' mental health struggles this semester.
11/01/20 11:55pm
Penn's employee count is just 3,000 fewer than the 44,000-vote margin of victory that decided Pennsylvania in the 2016 presidential election.
10/26/20 11:52pm
In-person early voting began on Sept. 29 and will conclude on Oct. 27, coinciding with the last day to request a mail-in ballot. 
10/26/20 10:33pm
According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a bystander-filmed video showed that Wallace Jr. was armed with a knife and appeared further than arm's length away from the officers when they opened fire.
10/20/20 11:15pm
The UA elected College and Wharton junior Janice Owusu as speaker, Wharton sophomore Carson Sheumaker as secretary, and College and Wharton junior Nikhil Gupta as treasurer.
10/15/20 1:47am
Gutmann, who is the highest paid president in the Ivy League with a salary of $3.6 million in 2017, has taken a pay freeze for the 2019-2020 academic year. Meanwhile, presidents of four other Ivy League schools have taken pay cuts of 20% or more. 
10/08/20 12:08am
This year's endowment had a return rate — the percent of growth from investing the endowment funds — of just 3.4%, continuing the downward trend in return rates since fiscal year 2017 which recorded a 14.3% return rate.
10/01/20 11:43pm
SAC Chair and College junior Grayson Peters said SAC has received an influx of requests from clubs this semester to transfer funds that would have gone toward in-person activities to cover other expenses for the virtual semester.
09/28/20 11:57pm
First years said they are not overly concerned about the absence of student leaders to represent their class, due to alternative ways to meet people through clubs and organized meet-ups virtually or outdoors. 
09/24/20 11:09pm
While 3,559 students participated in the 2019 General Election, only 1,900 students voted in the election earlier this month.
09/21/20 12:14am
Students fear the political consequences of her death under the leadership of Trump — who is expected to nominate a justice just weeks before the election. 
09/17/20 10:09pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with the two new leaders over Zoom to discuss their goals for the year, which include increasing accountability for administration and the UA.
09/13/20 9:03pm
Grants may range from $100 to $1,000 and can cover expenses such as medical bills, technology repairs, winter and professional clothing, travel over school breaks, and graduate school exam fees.
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