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10/20/23 11:07pm
Nestled in the heart of University City, the new office building is poised to be a harbor of creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge journalism as well as a hub that facilitates engagement with the Penn and West Philadelphia community.
02/21/23 6:21pm
In classic five-by-five, give this DP mini crossword a go. Constructed by Matt Mahoney, Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford, Emi Tuyếtnhi Trần, and Derek Wong. Edited by Tyler Kliem.
02/03/23 12:00am
In classic five-by-five, give this DP mini crossword a go. Constructed by Samita Gupta, Nina Wang, Sangitha Aiyer, Emily Chang, and Emi Tuyếtnhi Trần. Edited by Tyler Kliem.
01/27/23 5:50am
In classic five-by-five, give this DP mini crossword a go. Constructed by Samita Gupta, Nina Wang, and Emi Tuyếtnhi Trần. Edited by Tyler Kliem.
09/29/22 11:01pm
Chair of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition wrote in an email to PAACH student leaders that Peter Van Do, PAACH's former director of 10 years, is "no longer employed at Penn."
09/02/22 12:24am
Moderna claimed that Pfizer-BioNTech violated its intellectual property by developing COVID-19 vaccines using this technology during the pandemic.
09/02/22 12:06am
He will join the Board of Trustees on April 1, 2023.
08/29/22 9:10pm
The protest was organized by the Coalition to Save the UC Townhomes — a group of residents protesting the sale of 70 units of affordable housing.
05/03/22 9:51pm
Students and other members of the Penn community marched down Locust Walk chanting "Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate!" and "They say no-choice; we say pro-choice!"
03/18/22 9:49pm
Bailar was the first openly trans swimmer to compete in NCAA Division I swimming and was the first trans man to compete in any men’s sport in the NCAA.
03/17/22 11:24pm
Students at Georgia Tech said that the presence of the protestors in front of the NCAA venue made them feel unsafe on a traditionally safe and inclusive campus.
02/14/22 1:12pm
Bezar was a Philadelphia native and attended the William Penn Charter and Baldwin Schools before coming to Penn.
02/11/22 12:53am
The China Initiative was unveiled in 2018 during the Trump administration under the guise of preventing economic and technological espionage by — or for the benefit of — the Chinese government.
01/28/22 12:28pm
Nemomsa — known as "Tola" to family and friends — was passionate about public health and urban development and pursued these studies at Penn. 
01/25/22 10:51pm
Strohminger's tweet mentioned that one student had estimated that the average salary was $800,000 per year. In reality, the average American worker only made $53,383 in 2020.
01/20/22 1:32pm
In an email sent to the Penn community on Thursday morning, Penn administrators pointed to indicators that the peak of the Omicron variant has passed, following a surge of cases in the region. 
01/12/22 11:36pm
Postponed final exams from the fall will be made up during the beginning of the spring semester in the same format they were offered previously.
01/11/22 7:53pm
The University received over 1,100 requests for early arrival, and approved "slightly more than 60%," according to Marc Lo, executive director of P1P.
01/07/22 8:44pm
University administrators announced that all students need to be tested for COVID-19 48 hours prior to arriving on campus and receive a gateway test upon arrival. 
12/15/21 3:11pm
Finals scheduled through Dec. 17 will continue in person, while finals during the week of Dec. 20 will be online. 
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