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04/23/21 12:54am
The club is working to mobilize support for the "For The People's Act," which progressive organizations across the country say will increase voting accessibility, protect the right to vote for marginalized communities, and establish nonpartisan redistricting committees to eliminate gerrymandering.
04/14/21 2:32am
The city has yet to respond to inquiries by the United Nations — which were based upon testimonies from Penn community members — regarding allegations of excessive use of force by the Philadelphia Police Department during the Black Lives Matter protests last year.
04/06/21 1:11am
Researchers in Drew Weissman's lab are currently working on three primary projects: developing new vaccines, replacing and editing proteins, and using mRNA to target specific genes.
04/02/21 1:00am
Board members of Penn Dems and Penn Justice Dems said they supported Krasner because of his commitment to criminal justice reform and track record of holding police officers accountable.
03/12/21 2:47am
Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Children and Youth held a hearing on Wednesday, Mar. 3 to examine the role that Payments in Lieu of Taxes could play in the city’s future. 
03/01/21 2:31am
Penn's experts maintain that those who graduate with the highest amount of student loan debt often end up with higher earnings after graduating from four-year university programs.
02/19/21 4:24am
Many students said they were happy with Penn's planned COVID-19 guidelines, but are anxious to see if the University will be able to enforce them in practice. 
02/19/21 2:44am
Akela Lacy, a politics reporter, and Alex Emmons, a national security reporter, discussed their hopes for the Biden presidency, how they interact with mainstream media, and what problems progressive journalists will face in the years to come.
02/05/21 1:01am
Two Penn affiliates, Wharton professor Eric Orts and Penn graduate Kenneth Braithwaite, are exploring a potential run for the Senate in 2022.
02/03/21 1:52am
Republicans must decide what the future of its party will look like in the coming years, and Penn students and faculty have differing opinions regarding the course of action it should take.
01/29/21 12:00am
Three Republican lawmakers are targeting Penn over its close-knit relationship with the president.
01/06/21 11:08pm
Penn Medicine's frontline health workers and researchers have begun receiving COVID-19 vaccinations — including the Penn scientists whose findings on mRNA technology laid the groundwork for the vaccines to be developed.
12/02/20 11:46pm
During Tuesday's panel, titled “Race and the Selling of America” the two panelists discussed how they both started new projects pushing for diversity and inclusion in their respective industries.
11/06/20 1:41am
The “In These Times” podcast, whose six-episode first season focuses on the current and future impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, was created by OMNIA, a SAS magazine.
10/18/20 11:07pm
The online course consists of six Canvas modules spanning 20 hours that focus on Penn and Philadelphia's history of structural racism, implicit bias, allyship, gender identity, and healthcare equity. 
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