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06/03/10 12:36am

Russell Trimmer | Give universities a crack at it

If the world made sense, the people responsible for causing a problem would take on the responsibility for fixing it. Unfortunately, we have created a world that is too complex to easily apply the lessons of simple childhood decency.
04/09/10 3:14am

Rusell-ing The Leaves | Problems with PNC’s business ventures

PNC should not be in the business of profiting from the destruction of Appalachia.
04/02/10 3:53am

Russell-ing The Leaves | Separation between communities is a drag

People of all gender and sexual identities need to intentionally be a part of the same community more often.
02/19/10 5:57am

Russell-ing the Leaves | Penn’s place and space: by the numbers

When we make decisions, we should think about the costs and benefits of how our actions impact our greater environment.
02/05/10 5:26am

Russell-ing the leaves | Food Week discussion for thought

As long as there are conditions of oppression in Immokalee, Fla., we should question our economy's status quo.
01/22/10 6:39am

Russell-ing the Leaves | Redefining activism for today

Activism ought to turn you on.
12/01/09 5:44am

Pavi Jaisanker and Russell Trimmer | Foreclosing a Problem

There is no need to be reminded that America is in crisis. We have all felt symptoms of the illness that plagues our country
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