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09/15/11 11:52pm

Penn Park marks eastern frontier

Bounded by the cement and steel of urban traffic ways, Penn Park — which opened to fireworks and celebration on Sept. 15 — marks a historical development in Penn’s eastward expansion.
04/18/11 1:54am
With the recent downturn of the economy, the number of Penn Nursing students with full-time jobs by graduation also went down.
04/08/10 5:17am
Many may think of Rome or Greece as the best places to find ancient artifacts, but Penn's campus boasts its very own collection.
02/22/10 7:47am

Penn: beyond the brand name

In efforts to market Penn as a brand, the University’s name seems to be the biggest stumbling factor.
02/02/10 7:38am

Skipping out on senior year

To fulfill the requirements to graduate in less than eight semesters, it takes a “very solid student” to plan his courses carefully and to manage overloading, Scott Romeika, director of academic affairs and advising at the Wharton School, explained.
12/14/09 1:33am
On Dec. 7, Wharton junior Lauren Fleischer was elected the Wharton Women president for 2010.
12/09/09 2:41am

Wharton eMBA students cross state, international borders to attend weekend classes

Wharton eMBA students travel across state and country lines — sometimes even crossing the Pacific Ocean — to go to class on weekends.
12/04/09 2:14am

Students launch online tutoring group

For students using, instant messaging and online chats have become more than just a procrastination device.
12/02/09 3:41am

School pride enters wardrobes

College students are working to make the College of Arts and Sciences as recognizable a brand as Wharton — at least, on their T-shirts.
11/27/09 1:53am

Wharton teaches leadership skills in Antarctica

Wharton Leadership Ventures provides experiential learning for MBA students, through trips to locales like Kilimanjaro and the British Virgin Islands.
11/25/09 6:10am
While Penn undergraduates crowd around housing on or near campus, graduate students primarily live off campus and tend to reside across the city.
11/23/09 6:40am

Sphinx helps children get '40 Winks'

On Friday night, a group of girls, ages 6 to 12, spent the night among the ancient artifacts in the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
11/20/09 3:09am

The new face of the Latino Coalition: Wendy De La Rosa

Wednesday night, Wharton junior Wendy De La Rosa and College junior Calina Cuevas were elected Latino Coalition’s chairwoman and vice chairwoman for 2010.
11/17/09 4:23am
According to a career plans survey report, 80.5 percent of the class of 2009 reported having jobs by the fall after graduation, compared to 86.5 percent the previous year.
11/17/09 12:00am

OCR can cause academics to fall to the wayside

The process of On-Campus Recruiting is extensive, from attending recruitment presentations and networking events to preparing for and going to interviews. As a result, OCR can cause many students to let academics fall by the wayside, even skipping classes for interviews.
11/06/09 4:33am

New web site refines Wharton brand

Most higher education experts would refer to Wharton as a brand name — and with its new web site, the school is refining that brand.
11/04/09 12:13am

Fewer MBAs graduate with jobs

Only 83 percent of the MBA students who graduated in the spring reported having been offered a full-time position, a drop from previous years.
11/03/09 5:53am

Wharton prof explores dual identities

According to Wharton Professor Americus Reed, people can have multiple identities.
10/29/09 10:25pm

'Scroogenomics' urges you to think twice before giving gifts

Considering buying those socks for your dad this Christmas? Before making the purchase, Wharton Professor Joel Waldfogel says you should think twice.
10/27/09 4:33am

Med School's 'Pipeline' reaches out to Sayre High

Through the Education Pipeline, Faculty, residents and students in the Medical School, as well as Penn undergraduates, teach Sayre students topics relating to neuroscience, cardiology, infectious disease and endocrinology.
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