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12/18/23 9:44pm
The 139th board of editors and managers is dedicated to upholding and expanding upon the progress made in promoting diversity within the organization. We have conducted the demographic survey of our community for the sixth time, and we are now publishing our findings for the third time.
04/06/23 10:27am
Four students are set to receive stipends to work on the staff of the DP, Inc. The fellows will be matched with mentors from the DP’s alumni network and will meet regularly as a group for discussions and support.
12/11/22 2:00pm
Penn community members protested University's role in gentrification around West Philadelphia.
11/28/22 12:32am
The suit, which was filed in the Common Pleas Court, accused the city and University of tortious interference with a dead body and inflicting emotional distress.
11/02/22 10:43pm
Members of the ARCH steering committee have new updates to the structural and operational functions of the redesigned building, including carving out a physical space for Natives at Penn.
09/21/22 11:54pm
The returning publication seeks to amplify the Black student experience on campus through a variety of media, such as photography, journalism, and opinion pieces.
09/08/22 9:58am
The reopening event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony and remarks from Penn President Liz Magill.
09/01/22 12:11am
The grand reopening of the redesigned ARCH building is set for Sept. 7 and will include remarks from Penn President Liz Magill. 
08/10/22 11:23pm
The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office enforced a court ruling on Monday to remove the encampment,  vacating the area of tents less than an hour after arriving on the scene.  
08/02/22 9:08pm
Residents argue those engaged with the encampment are residents and invited guests — allowed to be on the property. The local sheriff's office is responsible for enforcing the judge's ruling of vacating the encampment, and has yet to carry out the judge's order. 
07/27/22 10:29pm
The stadium is proposed to be built at 11th and Market streets inside the Fashion District, due to the team's lease with Wells Fargo Center ending in 2031.
07/21/22 12:44pm
Residents and supporters are sleeping outside of the housing complex to illustrate the effects of displacement, aiming to challenge their Sept. 7 eviction.  
07/21/22 12:49am
King’s vision for the future focuses on connecting students through different spaces, centers, and interests.  
07/06/22 11:37pm
The yearbook features four years of Black student life on Penn's campus and showcases graduating members of Penn's Black community.
06/30/22 12:39am
The Rounds, a "zero waste" delivery service founded in Philadelphia by Wharton graduate students, expands to Atlanta.
06/23/22 2:56am
Senior Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Tamara Greenfield King will serve as the interim vice provost of University Life. 
04/27/22 11:05pm
Du Bois College House was founded in 1972 to promote retention and academic success of Black students at Penn. Fifty years later, however, Black students drew attention to the increasing number of non-Black residents.
04/20/22 9:14am
The party was scheduled to start at 10 p.m., and at 11:15 p.m., students were heard screaming while several individuals threw eggs at students that burst upon impact on their faces, body, hair, and clothes.
04/04/22 1:05am
The 50th anniversary reunion event attracted former and current residents of Du Bois College House, who came together to reflect on their experiences living in the college house.
03/20/22 11:26pm
Participants enjoyed food prepared by the townhome residents, listened to music, and conversed with community members. Organizers also led a march around the UC Townhomes complex.
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