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10/11/16 2:13am
This is the the most comprehensive form of cyber protection Penn has ever implemented.
09/12/16 12:13am
At the start of every year, Penn welcomes first-year students with a packed orientation filled with five days of of educational programming and elaborate festivities.
09/10/16 6:00am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both cited college tuition and student debt as issues they intend to address during their presidencies if elected.
09/01/16 12:10am
The Penn Bookstore will refund students who find required course textbooks at a lower price online.
04/06/16 1:39am
At other institutions like Pennsylvania State University, Greek Week is a series of competitive events and games. 
04/02/16 6:00am
Since 2007, RealArts@Penn through the Kelly Writer's House creates a means through which a student of any college can be connected with internships in the entertainment, journalism and publishing fields.
03/20/16 10:33pm
Attendees have the opportunity to speak about a range of relevant topics including body image, socioeconomic status and sexual identity. 
02/29/16 11:51pm
The chapter that donates the most to V-Day will be able to co-host a downtown with Castle and OAX.
02/22/16 12:57am
Contrary to the rumor that has circulated around college campuses for decades, the “brothel law” is not the reason why sororities at other universities are forbidden from providing housing for their members.
02/05/16 12:00pm
IFC members and chapter presidents were afraid that the delay would give a leg up to off-campus organizations.
02/05/16 12:00pm
Jones claimed to have earned a doctorate after being employed by Penn, but it is still unclear how the University failed to notice his deception.
01/25/16 11:42pm
Alpha Chi Omega has made no tangible steps toward recolonizing since the vast majority of its members deactivated to join OAX last spring.
01/25/16 12:52am
When students, especially freshmen, struggle with mental health, it's often their Residential Advisors who are the first line of help. 
01/21/16 9:46pm
An email from the Division of VPUL confirmed his exit from an administrative role in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
01/20/16 2:32am
Doubt over Jones’ academic credentials arose after Onward State retracted a Jan. 14 article about Jones’ visit to Penn State.
01/14/16 12:24am
OAX donated to Women Against Abuse, a center that helps victims of domestic abuse.
12/04/15 2:00pm
The change was made to avoid overlap between fraternity open rush and sorority recruitment.
11/24/15 12:55am
 After three years of paying tuition, some seniors view their Greek life dues to be a disposable expense. 
11/19/15 10:06am
College junior Kiri Baga lives two exceptional lives: one as a world class figure skater and another as an Ivy league undergraduate.
11/09/15 1:06am
“What makes [Wharton] tough is the mentality ... not necessarily the course material,” Wharton and College sophomore Stephen Cho said. 
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