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05/15/24 3:00pm
Former DP President Jesse Zhang reflects on the abnormality of his time at Penn, finding resilience and purpose in navigating unprecedented times.
12/09/23 4:06pm
President of The Daily Pennsylvanian Jesse Zhang calls on the Penn community to actively stay engaged with the news cycle, and to continue learning and adapting through our conversations.
12/07/22 11:36pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian’s photographers documented the stories of 2022 as the Penn community felt the ripple of events around the world. These images postmark the end of another tumultuous year as another looms on the horizon.
11/09/22 2:49am
Penn community turned out for the midterm election yesterday. With two of the most contentious races in America taking place in Pennsylvania, and many issues hanging in the balance, here’s a look into this historic midterm elections day.
11/08/22 10:16am
Columnist Jesse Zhang discusses the privilege of being able to vote from an international perspective.  
10/24/22 11:22pm
Liz Magill was officially inaugurated as Penn’s ninth president on Oct. 21, 2022. Her inauguration also coincided with Homecoming weekend when thousands of alumni returned to campus, fusing both celebrations in one. While crowds gathered to witness Penn football’s historic 6-0 winning streak, the game was interrupted by Fossil Free Penn protestors, delaying the second half by over an hour and resulting in 19 student arrests.
10/20/22 12:48am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spent extensive time with Magill over the first 100 days of her budding presidency, watching her get to know students, preside over various meetings, and define herself in the Penn community and beyond.
03/24/22 6:55pm
Columnist Jesse Zhang shares his experiences and the lessons he learned from the college matriculation process. 
03/19/22 11:17pm
With Lia Thomas becoming the first transgender NCAA swimming champion, protestors and supporters outside the competition venue, and a whirlwind of cheering, felicitation, and controversy, here's a look into the NCAA Women's Swimming and Diving Championships.
03/14/22 2:51pm
Columnist Jesse Zhang encourages the Penn community to participate in a non-academic and non-preprofessional extracurricular activity.
02/10/22 9:04pm
At her farewell party, Former Penn President Amy Gutmann took photo with students, performing arts groups paid her tribute, and Quaker gave her one last hug.
01/25/22 9:19pm
Columnist Jesse Zhang discusses how the recently viral Wharton tweet reveals some of the shortcomings of Wharton's education system. 
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