Articles by Jay Shah

11/26/18 12:20am
I started to fully appreciate the other part of my identity beyond boxes on the demographic section on an application.
10/19/18 12:12am
If a student has three midterms in a day, they should be allowed to postpone one to another day. 
09/20/18 3:52am
There is no central place on campus where all students, regardless of residence, can come together. 
09/04/18 3:41am
So then does it make sense to resort to removing exams or reducing problem sets as a solution to campus stress? Doing this would undermine the very rigor of Penn that has made it what it is.
04/04/18 3:31am
When did we forget to think about what we like to study and stand our ground? When did we forget to think for ourselves?
02/18/18 7:15pm
We should not view the process of changing campus culture as an interview where one individual asks questions and the other has answers.
02/02/18 12:30pm
My respect for a professor goes up exponentially if they can open up about their struggles because it shows perseverance and resilience.
01/18/18 4:10am
 The smartphone has gone from being used as a communication device to more of a crutch. We use our phones to avoid making eye contact with people on Locust Walk, in line at the grocery store, and in the elevator.
09/07/17 2:47am
Freshmen are often shocked to learn that there lies a multi-step process for them to find their home.
03/29/17 1:55am
We want to be your elected Undergraduate Assembly President and Vice President because we have a vision for Penn’s future, and we’re the ones to make it happen.
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