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04/26/21 9:54pm
Only 15% of Philadelphia’s Black residents and 23% of Philadelphia’s Hispanic residents between the ages of 20 and 44 have received at least one vaccine dose.
04/14/21 12:30am
The event, called “Conformity, Propaganda, and the Fight for a Left Future with Noam Chomsky” was co-hosted by Penn Justice Democrats and Penn Against the Occupation, and garnered over 115 attendees.
04/07/21 1:15am
Multiple students attended the meeting to speak against the proposal, arguing that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition has been used to target Palestinian activists.
04/01/21 9:54pm
Students’ projects focus on promoting minority-owned West Philadelphia businesses, alleviating local homelessness, exploring the harm caused by Penn’s territorial expansion across West Philadelphia, and fostering social justice through athletics.
03/15/21 1:30am
Close to 800,000 of the city's nearly 1.2 million adults could be vaccinated by July 4.
03/03/21 1:42am
The app, which launched on Feb. 19, aims to dispel the notion that the University has no direct ties to slavery and challenge the way users view Penn and its campus.
02/17/21 1:59am
4thWave aims to publish a zine every semester featuring poetry, prose, and visual art from people who are underrepresented in feminist spaces.
02/09/21 2:47am
The app aims to eliminate the need for multiple food delivery apps by allowing users to place an order from the cheapest and fastest delivery option directly in the MealMe app. 
01/29/21 12:39am
PCV plans to host speakers and events to educate and excite students about climate topics such as energy, agriculture, and waste this semester.
01/22/21 12:28am
Students expressed disagreement with Penn Hillel's pro-Israel stance which they said makes it an exclusionary space for some progressive students.
12/07/20 11:51pm
The course will cover topics including voting rights, mail-in ballots, voter registration, felon disenfranchisement, and redistricting.
11/06/20 1:42am
Launched this fall, the Applicant-Support Program will pair each applicant with a current bioengineering Ph.D. candidate who will offer guidance and clarifying information throughout the application process.
10/30/20 4:07pm
The team’s research provides new insight into a broadside collision between the Milky Way and a dwarf galaxy that occurred almost 3 billion years ago.
10/18/20 11:10pm
The principles will establish a statement of values regarding racial and social justice composed through dialogue among the communities of teachers, students, alumni, staff, and Philadelphia residents that constitute KWH. 
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