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08/05/21 1:39am
Horowitz, a professor of political science and Richard Perry University Professor at Penn, will be retaining his positions at Penn while acting as a senior fellow at the CFR.
07/22/21 12:54am
The study funded by the AHA will focus on how two types of cancer create a higher risk for cardiovascular disease among Black and Hispanic cancer survivors.
07/15/21 1:11am
The recipients of the funding include four Penn alumni, three staff members, one faculty member, five individual students, and one student group.
07/11/21 11:37pm
The study by the Penn Wharton Business Model predicts that the new proposal will decrease national debt by 0.9% and increase economic output by 0.1% in 2050.
06/23/21 10:02pm
The petition has five demands as part of the reparations process including a formal apology from Penn President Amy Gutmann to the victims and their families and financial reparations for those affected.
06/15/21 2:50pm
Researchers found that people 18- to 24-years-old who use cellphones while driving are more likely to engage in other impulsive behaviors, establishing a link between impulsivity and car crashes.
06/13/21 11:16pm
The PennMed instructors created the virtual course to help the general public understand the science behind mRNA vaccines and encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
04/26/21 10:44pm
Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said the city is changing the restrictions to help restaurant owners remain in business.
04/19/21 10:57pm
The Penn Institute of Immunology found that people who had a prior COVID-19 infection had a significant antibody response after the first mRNA vaccine dose, but minimal increase in immunity after the second dose.
04/12/21 10:22pm
Pam Grossman, dean of the Graduate School of Education, and Ted Ruger, dean of Penn Law School, will now hold their positions until June 30, 2023.
04/05/21 11:22pm
Cornell will allow students exemptions for medical and religious reasons, but expects the majority of students on campus to be innoculated.
03/30/21 9:34pm
The website,, provides prosecutors in conviction review units with guides and templates for each step of the review process.
03/23/21 12:32am
Three in 10 residents of wealthier areas downtown have already received their first dose of the vaccine while in a nearby majority-Black area, the rate is only three in 50 residents.
03/16/21 12:09am
The COVID Coverage Litigation Tracker, created by Penn Law School Professor Thomas Baker, collects data on the outcomes of insurance litigation cases filed during the pandemic.
03/09/21 1:15am
Several schools in Pennsylvania have already announced their plans to hold classes in-person this fall and return to normal campus life, while Penn has yet to announce a decision.
03/01/21 9:17pm
Anyone living or working in Philadelphia can demonstrate interest in getting the vaccine through a form at the city’s sign-up page or by calling the city’s COVID-19 call center.
02/22/21 11:03pm
Visits increased by more than 9,000% between 2019 and the period from March 2020 to February 2021.
02/15/21 10:48pm
Authors of the study focused on contributing factors to the disparities, including lack of access to breastfeeding resources, disparities in culture-based care, and stereotyping in the industry.
02/08/21 10:34pm
The direct payments of $1,400, the expanded Child Tax Credit, and the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit will cost $595 billion this year, the PWBM found.
02/01/21 10:49pm
The Center for Innovation and Precision Dentistry hopes to train future generations of leaders in oral healthcare research and innovation.
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