Articles by Emily Chang

04/11/21 7:58pm
Columnist Emily Chang discusses the difficulty of the college house matching process for rising sophomores and how to fix it.
03/17/21 4:23pm
Columnist Emily Chang reflects on the root causes of the increase in hate crimes directed towards Asian-Americans in the United States.
02/11/21 9:11am
Penn canceled COVID-19 testing last Monday and Tuesday, followed just days later with news of spiking case counts. Had the tests not been canceled, it is likely an outbreak could have been avoided.
02/08/21 1:29pm
Penn's COVID-19 mitigation policies are driving students away from campus to avoid breaking regulations. One step Penn should take to keep students in line is reopening limited indoor dining.
12/01/20 10:21pm
Because many students come to college with little to no understanding of what sexual assault truly entails, it is not surprising that the issue runs rampant in almost every university. 
11/15/20 8:40pm
As students celebrate this good news and begin planning for the upcoming semester, we can only hope that another “Revision” email doesn’t appear in our inboxes.  
10/19/20 9:41pm
To prevent self-deprecation from becoming even more problematic, Penn students need to be more conscious of the language they engage in, as well as the language that their peers use.
10/11/20 5:08pm
Though all institutions seek to avoid the negative association with racism and slavery, it is an unchangeable aspect of Penn’s history and therefore must be discussed. 
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