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07/05/20 11:51pm
Under Penn's hybrid model, courses with more than 25 students will be recorded and taught remotely while all smaller courses may be taught in person, at the discretion of the individual professor, and with larger seating space permitted. 
06/29/20 2:21am
Penn’s international students are worried about their long-term prospects in the United States following President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that will institute sweeping restrictions on work visa availability to foreign nationals.
06/29/20 1:21am
Students, including Kite and Key Society president and Rising Engineering senior Sofia Gonzalez, said they were shocked and saddened by Furda's decision to leave the University after leading the Admissions Office for 12 years.
06/24/20 1:36am
Though Penn and the city of Philadelphia had already implemented nondiscrimination ordinances for LGBTQ+ individuals, Director of Penn's LGBT Center Dr. Erin Cross said she believes the decision will still have a major impact on the Penn community.
06/17/20 1:12am
The inaugural issue of Q-INE, pronounced 'queen,' features essays, poetry, and photography created by 26 members of Penn's LGBTQIA+ community, including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff.
06/12/20 1:14am
Participants were asked to use the 'Ascent of Man' image to indicate how evolved they considered various demographic groups, including undocumented migrants, Chinese people, the elderly, and people with COVID-19, to be.
06/09/20 11:50pm
QPenn, Penn’s annual LGBT pride week that usually takes place in mid-March, and Pride parades in Philadelphia and across the nation, have largely been postponed or cancelled entirely. 
06/01/20 12:34am
The University's four outlined scenarios have drawn mixed reactions from students, as some believe any form of on-campus instruction is too great a risk, while others wish Penn would have provided more specifics.
05/24/20 9:04pm
Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science emphasizes a hands-on approach to education and after a semester of online labs and lectures, students are concerned by the possibility of more virtual classes.
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