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07/05/20 11:51pm
Under Penn's hybrid model, courses with more than 25 students will be recorded and taught remotely while all smaller courses may be taught in person, at the discretion of the individual professor, and with larger seating space permitted. 
06/24/20 1:33am
The new concentrations ⁠— Advocacy & Activism, Audiences & Persuasion, Culture & Society, Data & Network Science, and Politics & Policy ⁠— represent a "less is more approach." 
06/19/20 1:21am
Following the 5-4 ruling, Penn President Amy Gutmann released a statement, writing she was “enormously pleased” by the decision, calling it a “great victory for human rights and the future of America.”
06/06/20 6:59pm
America is now left to decide between the former Penn Presidential Professor of Practice and 1968 Wharton graduate and President Donald Trump.
06/04/20 1:30am
The virtual art exhibition was created by 2020 College graduate Stara Diamond and 2020 College of Liberal and Professional Studies graduate Natalia Cabalceta.
05/26/20 10:09pm
Rising College junior Rowana Miller, who is the 2020 recipient of the Kelly Writers House Kerry Prize, hopes to make a positive contribution to younger children's lives in the midst of the pandemic. 
05/16/20 10:18pm
Professors Sarah Jackson and Duncan Watts will receive $200,000 grants for research projects that focus on pertinent issues facing society. Jackson and Watts are the sixth and seventh Penn professors to receive the award in the Carnegie Fellows Program's six year history. 
02/15/20 5:57pm
Perry World House Lightning Scholar Sarah Bush said she found that election interference is often viewed as positive in an authoritarian regime, but is generally seen as negative when it impacts a democracy.
02/03/20 11:05pm
The goal of Weller's project was for students to design a conservation sanctuary using the layout of Sydney's Centennial Park to preserve biodiversity.
01/23/20 12:07am
Pulitzer Prize finalist Madeleine George cited several reasons why climate change is difficult to write about, including verb tense issues and the waste created by theatrical productions.
12/08/19 6:39pm
Orenstein discussed his recent book, “The Lands in Between: Russia vs the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War,” which was published in April at a Penn Law event. 
11/05/19 10:45pm
Mendelsohn, who has served in the British Parliament's House of Lords since 2013, spoke about the history, possible causes, and implications of the Brexit referendum on Tuesday evening. 
10/28/19 11:14pm
This is the second time the Architecture Department will offer "Topographical Stories: Architecture, Literature, and Cities," a seminar taught by professor David Leatherbarrow. 
10/06/19 11:20pm
Irizarry came to La Casa Latin about 11 years ago, after spending years as a community organizer in Philadelphia. 
09/26/19 10:04pm
Headspace offers many guided tutorials for meditation and mindfulness, and it is available for phone or computer with a focus on meditation on-the-go. 
09/21/19 8:42pm
The dinner event took place Friday evening at Bodek Lounge and was crowded with about four dozen people seated at banquet tables. 
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