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10/18/23 1:01am
The DP created a timeline of the campus controversy surrounding both the Palestine Writes Literature Festival and Penn’s response to the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas.
09/13/23 12:13am
Without an active search for a permanent Indigenous studies coordinator to replace Margaret Bruchac, students are raising concerns about Penn's commitment to the program. 
09/12/23 2:06am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, September 12th with our newsletter anchor.
05/12/23 2:53am
Relive the Class of 2023's sophomore year, in which the University slowly reopened on-campus housing and Joe Biden won the presidency.
05/12/23 2:29am
Representation of women and people of color has grown over time, but these groups still make up minorities of Penn commencement speakers.
04/12/23 1:50pm
Lauv will headline the concert, which will take place in Penn Park on Friday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. 
02/14/23 1:18pm
The DP surveyed 1,008 undergraduates — approximately 10% of the student population — and found that 68.2% said that they are sexually active.
02/14/23 12:55am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Feb. 14 with our newsletter anchor.
02/07/23 10:52pm
Listen to the top headlines on Wednesday, Feb. 8 with our newsletter anchor.
02/07/23 9:44pm
According to an analysis by The Daily Pennsylvanian, faculty members at Penn contributed 3,976 individual contributions totaling over $300,000 in donations last year — a 13% increase from the previous midterm election year. 
01/12/23 10:36pm
The DP conducted an analysis of research spending at Penn based on data released last month by the National Science Foundation.
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