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12/05/23 7:48pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that Penn’s lack of days off is just another factor of the cutthroat, corporate-heavy, and pre-professional environment it fosters for students.
11/07/23 8:58pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that now more than ever, social media platforms like Instagram play a crucial role in mass communication.
10/17/23 9:00pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian describes the process of petitioning for a new language course with a persuadable and willing Penn. 
09/30/23 4:26pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian demands that the global community open its eyes to Azeri and Turkish atrocities and take action before more Armenians are wiped off the Earth. 
02/09/23 8:00pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that by cheering on the Eagles, Penn students can take their place as members of the Philadelphia community. 
01/12/23 12:02pm
Columnist and first year Sose Hovannisian narrates how Penn influences student ambition, and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
11/22/22 12:33am
Columnist Sose Hovannisian discusses the problems behind the tradition born during the Franklin Field prohibition.  
10/30/22 10:31am
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that Penn students, especially those from safe states, should take advantage of their ability to vote in Pennsylvania. 
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