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10/18/21 1:01am
CHOP’s Chief Medical Officer Ron Keren said the increased occupancy rates are a result of a surge in the transmission of non-COVID-19 respiratory viruses and behavioral health issues worsened by pandemic stress. 
10/07/21 11:50pm
Orts centered his three-month-long campaign around combating the climate crisis. His exit leaves behind a wide field of candidates in the lead up to May’s Democratic primary. 
09/21/21 11:43pm
Wastewater monitoring can detect the virus two-to-three days prior to symptoms and can identify both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases.
09/20/21 2:01am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to five students — from Hong Kong, Sudan, China, and Australia — who are excited for in-person learning, but concerned about cases in the United States compared to the more limited spread in their home countries. 
09/15/21 12:26am
After having adapted their instruction methods for the last year and a half, many of these professors said those changes are here to stay — at least for now.
09/11/21 3:45pm
Harvard President Lawrence Bacow wrote in an email to Harvard affiliates that the university does not intend to make future investments in the fossil fuel industry.
09/08/21 11:31pm
While students have eagerly awaited a return to in-person campus life, some are also feeling a sense of anxiety associated with in-person interactions.
09/02/21 1:30am
While some believe that contracting COVID-19 is inevitable on a full campus, students said they are not worried due to Penn's vaccination requirement. 
08/24/21 9:27pm
Undergraduate courses are set to be primarily delivered in person with limited exceptions, remaining in line with administrators' original plans announced in April.
05/12/21 9:46pm
Penn will honor seven individuals with honorary degrees, celebrating their accomplishments in fields ranging from public policy to arts and entertainment.
04/28/21 9:54pm
The resolution considers full divestment to be an end to new investments by Fiscal Year 2021, and complete divestment by Fiscal Year 2025. 
04/26/21 11:18pm
The Lavender Graduation will take place on May 7 and feature individually designed slides for each graduate, three speakers, as well as two performances from the newly merged gender-inclusive Glee Club. 
04/21/21 9:38pm
Students who have been in West & Down and witnessed long lines outside the club expressed doubts about its enforcement of mask-wearing and other COVID-19 safety protocols.
04/08/21 6:09am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with five students about the reopening of Penn's campus this semester, which increased in-person research opportunities, and how their research journeys were impacted by the pandemic and the reopening of Penn's campus this semester
04/01/21 2:19am
The University will offer completely virtual classes this summer, and the roster will have more variety and seats available than in a typical year. 
03/26/21 12:31am
While faculty members welcomed the option to submit a pandemic impact statement, some expressed concern over how answers would be interpreted.
03/15/21 2:26am
After one year of the pandemic, first-generation, low-income students are still facing a variety of challenges — some of which they say stem from Penn's high-pressure culture and a lack of institutional support from the University. 
02/23/21 1:31am
Many students experienced fatigue, struggles with time management and concentration, and stress as a result of confinement and the illness itself.
02/15/21 2:38am
The DP spoke to seven professors about their takeaways on a virtual education.
02/12/21 9:14pm
The decision comes days after the Perelman School of Medicine recommended that faculty pause in-person undergraduate research due to rising COVID-19 cases on campus.
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