Articles by David Marchino

07/29/15 10:57pm
A life is not lived with the intention to fill a resume, nor are we meant to weigh experience solely in terms of professional application. When we commit ourselves to our work as so many of us have, it is easy to forget the importance of hobbies, casual interests and fantasies.
07/08/15 11:21pm
In my experience, however, I have found that the true emotional tolls of hook-up culture are understated. So often the committed relationship is portrayed as too draining on the psyche, yet “playing the game” requires an emotional investment just the same.
06/24/15 11:01pm
This is a story that has been told many times. The precocious child from the troubled home perseveres. They get a full ride. They go to college. But, I have found that these stories conclude too early. They wrap up too neatly. I believe it necessary to dismantle the idea that admission to college marks the end of the struggle for victims of abuse.
06/10/15 11:10pm
In recent years, the Penn community has been pushing toward reform regarding the treatment of mental illness, both bureaucratically within Counseling and Psychological Services and socially among students. We have seen agendas written up, sensitivity training initiated, and we’ve been urged to learn and relearn that it is okay to not be okay. But even so, at Pennsylvania Hospital, I found it difficult to reach out to my peers.
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