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05/08/18 9:00am
I understand now the importance of balance and the value of just being present with those you love. 
04/11/18 11:17pm
The University has not introduced any substantial reforms to the way athletes receive and request mental health care, either from Counseling and Psychological Services or through Penn Athletics, according to more than half a dozen athletes.
12/22/17 12:44am
The final bill omitted a tax on graduate student waivers, which experts predicted would have hiked student fees by up to 300 percent. 
10/29/17 11:57pm
Starting a dialogue on mental health requires patience to grasp at what is elusive and acceptance of the impossibility of capturing every nuance of stress, addiction and trauma.
10/23/17 3:48pm
Quakers for Life, a student group opposed to abortion, protested outside Van Pelt Library on Monday using nearly twenty graphic pictures of aborted fetuses. 
10/22/17 11:42pm
Penn's president and provost shied away from details in a 30-minute interview with editors from The Daily Pennsylvanian. 
10/16/17 1:15pm
Justin Hamano, a third-year law student, had roles on Lambda Law and the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.
10/09/17 4:00pm
The deans of each undergrad school had previously been able to choose whether or not to inform their constituent faculty members, leaving swaths of faculty uninformed of student deaths. 
10/08/17 7:35pm
Gutmann said the Task Force’s “overarching” goal had been to keep students safe from all types of harm, from sexual assault to “falling behind in their studies.” 
09/13/17 5:12pm
Brett Cooper, who was slated to graduate in 2018, died in his off-campus residence, the University announced in an email. 
09/12/17 6:14pm
On Aug. 31, the same top three University officials emailed about Hurricane Harvey, including many same resources and details.
09/06/17 12:48am
No clean resolutions are likely in any story like this—complete with blotted memories, bias and alcohol-fueled chaos. 
09/02/17 7:56pm
"Nick was and always will be a beloved brother of Sigma Alpha Mu," the group said. "In all that he did on Penn's campus, Nick embodied the main tenets of our brotherhood and he will be greatly missed."
09/01/17 10:01am
The student, Nicholas Moya, formerly lived in Ware College House and had been president of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.
08/30/17 5:17pm
Cross, who begins her new job on Sept. 13, replaces longtime LGBT Center Director Bob Schoenberg.
08/29/17 2:05pm
Not all of these cases result in actual conduct violations, but the substantial rise in investigations parallels a crackdown in higher education on sharing information in computer science courses. 
08/25/17 1:01pm
The Division of Public Safety have sent nine safety alerts since the beginning of the summer.
08/10/17 5:15pm
In an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn Law School professor Amy Wax said Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior.
08/09/17 9:50pm
"There is no change in our admissions policy for the 2017 – 2018 cycle," said Renee Post, Penn Law associate dean for admissions and financial aid, in a statement.
08/09/17 9:41pm
The woman, who is not affiliated with Penn, was approached by a man in a multicolored shirt and dark shorts, who pulled a gun out and demanded she give him her bag.
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02/23/16 2:25pm

Cruz staffer asked to resign after sharing DP video

The controversy began after the DP caught Marco Rubio speaking with a Cruz staffer inside a South Carolina hotel.
02/20/16 9:34pm

Jeb Bush drops out; Trump wins in S.C.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton narrowly beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Nevada.
02/01/16 5:00pm

Phila. mayor says Donald Trump should be banned from the city

The uproar over presidential candidate Donald Trump's support of banning Muslim immigrants met a strong and unexpected critic on Tuesday: Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.
02/01/16 4:57pm

Penn breaks silence on Donald Trump...sort of

For the extent of 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump's rapid rise to the top of the Republican presidential polls, Penn had offered nothing but radio silence. That changed today.
02/01/16 4:39pm

Sunday morning at the church of Donald Trump

Inside the cramped walls of a middle-school gymnasium, supporters of all different sorts came together to hear the gospel of 1968 Wharton graduate and presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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