Live: From Bernie Sanders' victory speech in Concord, N.H.


Follow along at Concord High School in New Hampshire, where Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) is giving his victory speech.

9:27 P.M. - Sanders congratulates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a "vigorous campaign." 

9:31 P.M. - "I hope in the days ahead we can continue to wage a strong, issue-oriented campaign and bring new people into the process," Sanders says to Clinton. 

9:32 P.M. - "The right-wing Republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency," he says, surely a reference to Donald Trump's N.H. victory.

9:34 P.M. - Sanders calls out the "media establishment" — our bad. 

9:35 P.M. - Interesting that both victors on primary night in New Hampshire decry campaign finance rules. "That's not what democracy is about. That's what oligarchy is about," Sanders says. "I do not have a super PAC and I do not want a super PAC." 

9:37 P.M. - Sanders requests the crowd to contribute money through his website. "I'm not raising money on Wall Street," he says. 

9:38 P.M. - "There it is, that's our fundraiser. Pretty quick," he says.

9:40 P.M. - "Are you guys ready for a radical idea? Together, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the one percent," Sanders says, a classic applause line. 

9:42 P.M. - "America bailed out Wall Street. Now its Wall Street's time to bail out the middle class," he says. "We're going to provide education for our young people, not jail and incarceration."

9:44 P.M. - "Our campaign is about having the courage to reject the status quo." 

9:45 P.M. - Obamacare an important step forward, Sanders says, "but we can do better."

9:46 P.M. - Sanders' address moves to national security now. "I voted against the war in Iraq and that was the right vote," he says. "We should not be the policemen of the world."

9:50 P.M - Mentioning his Brooklyn, N.Y. roots, Sanders says "neither one of my parents could have dreamed that I would be standing before you as a candidate for president of the United States." 

9:51 P.M. - The political revolution is on us. "It will bring together working people who have given up on the political process." Sounds a lot like a 1968 Wharton graduate, does it not?

9:53 P.M. - "Thank you New Hampshire. Now it's on to Nevada, South Carolina and beyond! Bernie out. 

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