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05/30/20 1:44am
Penn announced in January that they would not invest in thermal coal and tar sands industries in the future and a University spokesperson wrote Penn has no further plans to report.
05/24/20 8:28pm
Four HMS deans announced on May 13 that while all first-year students will be taught remotely, all returning students will have classes taught on campus and will have access to research labs and clinical facilities.  
04/30/20 10:03pm
Anastopoulo Law Firm, based in South Carolina, set up a website to afford students forced to leave their college campuses the opportunity to seek compensation
04/28/20 12:56am
University administration said they have no plans to amend the current leave of absence policy for the fall semester. 
04/27/20 12:40am
College juniors Annah Chollet and Camilo Duran are among 62 winners selected from a pool of 773 candidates nationwide.
04/06/20 12:10am
The forced quarantines prompted confusion and uncertainty, causing students to worry about how they would keep up with their schoolwork and maintain their health.
04/04/20 8:50pm
In a live discussion with Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett, Gutmann will offer her perspective on the actions of global leaders as well as Penn’s response to the crisis.
03/29/20 10:38pm
In light of the coronavirus outbreak, five Ivy League schools — including Penn — have implemented an opt-in pass/fail policy, while three are mandatory pass/fail.
03/17/20 11:14pm
Some institutions have implemented mandatory pass/fail grading systems, while others are allowing students to opt-in to pass/fail grading.
03/13/20 1:37pm
The course, titled “Epidemics, Natural Disasters, and Geopolitics: Managing Global Business and Financial Uncertainty,” will run for six weeks starting March 25.
03/04/20 10:01pm
Moshfegh was invited and introduced by Penn professor of Religious Studies Justin McDaniel, who teaches the popular course, Existential Despair. 
02/12/20 11:24pm
Marshall is a freelance journalist and co-host of the popular podcast “You’re Wrong About,” which Time Magazine named the second-best podcast of 2019.
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