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02/05/23 7:49pm
In classic five-by-five, give this DP mini crossword a go. Constructed by Emily Chang, Delaney Parks, Talyah Pierce, and Arushi Srivastava. Edited by Tyler Kliem.
04/01/22 2:01am
During Holi, people throw colored powder into the air and on each other to celebrate. To prepare, the Class Boards have purchased thousands of pounds of powder in six different colors. 
02/08/22 9:23pm
College sophomore Evan Golinsky, Engineering junior Sebastian Melendez, and Zach Lederman, a senior at Purdue University started the company in July 2021.
01/20/22 10:09pm
This change means that Dartmouth will no longer consider an applicant's ability to pay in evaluating international students, as well as U.S. citizens and permanent residents. 
10/21/21 11:39pm
Both first years and sophomores are taking their first set of in-person midterms this semester, as sophomores took their exams online last year. 
10/18/21 9:29pm
The library — a “quiet space” known for its architecture — is expanding its hours to remain open until midnight on Sundays through Thursdays.
09/01/21 11:07pm
Campus organizations are using streaming, and video-conferencing platforms to make sure events are accessible to all members of the Penn community.
04/23/21 12:40am
Collective Climb, which was founded by 2020 College graduate Hyungtae Kim, 2020 Wharton graduate Kwaku Owusu, and 2020 College graduate Mckayla Warwick, was originally awarded the prize to fight poverty by utilizing Philadelphia’s community assets. 
04/19/21 8:29pm
The Quakers competed on the Schuylkill River in the 38th annual Murphy Cup Regatta hosted by Temple. The distance for this race was 2,000 meters and the conditions on the third were great for rowing.
03/29/21 10:10pm
On March 20, 1897, the Quakers faced off against Yale in their first-ever basketball game, which also served as one of the first intercollegiate five-on-five basketball games ever. Penn lacked a coach or captains for that game, and dropped the contest in the Bulldogs' home court by a score of 10-32.
03/16/21 12:08am
This year's Quakers won't have an opportunity to rise up through the record books until next season. Today, we take a look back at the top five scorers in Penn women's basketball history.
03/15/21 11:36pm
During his time at Wharton, Mauro Guillén was the Anthony L. Davis Director of the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies from 2007 to 2019.
03/03/21 10:27pm
For some, the new exception changes little, especially for those who didn't have any plans to go to graduate school or play another season. However, for others, it was a decision that came at an inconvenient time and impacted plans for next year. 
02/21/21 8:15pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian asked Joanne Fu of Penn women's swimming 15 questions about her time with the team, her experience at Penn, and her life overall. Here's what she had to say.
02/11/21 1:08am
All club members will participate in a two-week boot camp to learn design or development before they begin working on a semester-long project. 
02/10/21 8:39pm
Penn athletes have to manage not only when they do their homework, but also when their classes are scheduled. Because of this, Quakers are strategic about picking classes because of practice times. 
02/02/21 9:06pm
1900 acted as the first official season of Penn men’s varsity lacrosse, while the women’s team wasn't established until 1974.
12/01/20 9:02pm
The Quakers-Tigers series has all the components of a good sports rivalry: close geographical proximity, distinct styles of play, and passion for the game on both sides.
11/18/20 1:05am
The collaboration, which first began in 2015, brings health care from a cross-disciplinary team of Penn and Virtua clinicians to South Jersey residents. The two organizations will open South Jersey’s first proton therapy center on the Virtua Voorhees Hospital campus. 
11/16/20 10:15pm
Despite there being no winter squash season, Aly Abou Eleinen, a junior on Penn men’s squash, is still playing squash and connecting with his team. 
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