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04/25/16 11:31pm
At the Olympics this summer in Rio, there will be a sport making its long-awaited return. Last played at the Olympics in 1924, the return of men’s and women’s rugby sevens to the world games will bring a sport that most Americans know little about into popular view.
04/18/16 10:46pm
If you asked most Penn students if they really enjoyed their toughest Pottruck workouts, the answer would probably be no. Hard runs or the dreaded leg days are often the things that — despite being sometimes necessary — they dread the most. Calvary Rogers, freshman track phenom, on the other hand, relishes the opportunity to have his coaches push him every day in practice.
04/06/16 10:40pm
Not many Penn athletes can say they spent time in the pros before putting on the red and blue for the Quakers.
03/22/16 12:46am
Historically in athletics, men and women of respective professional sports do not train with or compete against each other.
02/17/16 12:51am
Winning is a state of mind. And for Penn women’s lacrosse, it’s the only state of mind the members of the team have ever known.
02/10/16 2:03am
It’s a Tuesday night game at Villanova for Penn women’s basketball. At tipoff, in the first chair on the bench, senior captain Keiera Ray intently watches a contest that she won’t be able to enter. Donning her Penn sweats, she is still one of the players. And with clipboard in hand, she is now one of the coaches as well.
01/27/16 1:59am
Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” But I have to disagree with the football legend on this one — at least in the context of Penn basketball. On Tuesday night, Penn women’s basketball lost to Villanova, 66-46, in what undoubtedly was its worst performance of an otherwise stellar season.
01/20/16 12:30am
With everyone healthy and playing well, the Quakers felt prepared heading into Ivy play. The team was hot and expectations were high. But things quickly began to go downhill.
12/08/15 12:26am
Not only am I from the Lone Star State, but I may have a slight obsession with the place I call home.
12/03/15 12:58am
It takes most teams a couple of games to warm up early in the season before the players really hit their stride, both the best teams and the worst teams.
11/17/15 11:24pm
Holding an opponent to fourteen points in a half is not bad for a football team. And for a basketball team, holding an opponent to fourteen points in a half is downright ridiculous.
11/06/15 8:47pm
When Penn field hockey’s four seniors step onto the field for their last regular season game this Saturday, things will be different.
10/25/15 9:19pm
For a Division I women’s basketball player, there is about a two percent chance of playing professionally.
10/07/15 4:13am
Anyone who has watched college football in the last decade show know that strength of schedule for teams on the national stage matters. A lot.
09/30/15 9:59am
They say defense wins championships. But while its too early to talk about championships for Penn field hockey after only one Ivy League contest, it looks like the team’s offense is ready to prove this well-known maxim wrong. After losing to Liberty on the first day of the 2015 season, the Quakers’ attack has been nothing short of unstoppable in the three weeks since.
09/22/15 11:00pm
Although sometimes Pass’ prayers and devotional readings relate to football, for most players the daily prayer circle transcends the game and reminds them that what they do on the field is not the most important thing in life.
09/16/15 3:38am
When Penn women’s soccer assistant coach Emily Oliver stepped on the soccer field four years ago on December 4th, her objective was clear. It was the finals of 2011 College Cup, the NCAA women’s soccer national championship, and her team, the Stanford Cardinal, was facing Duke.
09/07/15 11:51pm
A breakdown of Penn Athletics' early season
09/01/15 11:43pm
For just about everyone, college is about new experiences. A new city perhaps, new friends, new teachers. And for athletes, a whole new team filled with unfamiliar faces.
04/28/15 4:21am
On the back nine in the final round of the Ivy League Men’s Golf Championships, Penn knew it was going to be close.
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