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03/23/22 9:44pm
Columnist Alex Eapen writes that appointing a person of color as provost will allow Penn to better prioritize diversity and inclusion on campus. 
12/09/21 5:13pm
Columnist Alex Eapen discusses his positive interactions with departing UPenn President Amy Gutmann. 
04/15/21 6:41pm
Columnist Alex Eapen argues that the University does little to respond directly to student advocacy and, instead of lip service, should actually focus on implementing the changes students would like to see.
03/16/21 10:41pm
Columnist Alex Eapen discussed the harms Penn students cause when they get vaccinated from clinics designed to serve Philadelphia's Black community.
03/02/21 7:46pm
Columnist Alex Eapen critiques Penn's pre-professional culture and offers suggestions on how students can find more enjoyment in their lives.
02/07/21 3:06pm
Political activism doesn't require voting — being involved in the other parts of activism is just as important.
01/19/21 10:49pm
While the students on-campus may be the subject of the headlines, there is still a substantial number of students who will be learning from home, for health, personal, or other reasons. They, too, must be factored in as the semester progresses.
11/23/20 9:00am
The concerns of students must be met with transparent, decisive, and actionable responses from faculty and administration. 
11/02/20 10:23pm
It’s important to realize that while the coronavirus is not a life-threatening disease for most Penn students, the same cannot be said for many permanent residents of West Philadelphia. 
09/03/20 8:38pm
The conversation cannot stop after we cast our ballots but it is the first real step towards progress. So this November, please, vote.
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