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10/14/20 12:01am
International students called on administration for more support at a town hall meeting with Annenberg Dean John Jackson last spring after the pandemic amplified concerns about visas, traveling abroad, and the unstable job market. 
10/08/20 11:54pm
Many students said the remote semester greatly diminishes the MBA experience where students can no longer network in-person or take advantage of Wharton-sponsored traveling and co-curricular activities.
09/28/20 12:38am
For the past four months, Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, the union of graduate and professional students at Penn, has been demanding a one-year extension of funding for all doctoral students.
09/21/20 12:11am
Students said hot vegetarian and vegan meals such as vegan soup, pizza, and pasta tend to run out quickly, and many of the pre-packaged meals lay outside without being replaced for up to a week.
09/07/20 1:04am
Eighty-eight current and former Vagelos MLS students and faculty convened over Zoom on Sept. 6 for a virtual memorial service.
08/25/20 11:20pm
RAGAs were instructed to stay in their previously assigned rooms without fully unpacking their belongings for the two-week self-isolation period before relocating to their new dorm.
08/18/20 11:20pm
Off-campus housing for RAGAs will not be subsidized if worsened COVID-19 conditions prompt Penn to de-occupy campus further and force RAGAs off campus. 
08/08/20 12:46am
During a meeting with Deputy Provost Beth Winkelstein, RAGAs said they were given little opportunity to voice their concerns.
08/06/20 11:15pm
Penn's Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates are demanding fair treatment from the University as the fall semester looms closer, calling for a clear outline of their job expectations and increased compensation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
07/31/20 12:30am
Carlos de la Fuente anticipates his testing model will be produced at cheaper costs and offer faster results than current tests.  
07/22/20 12:27am
The letter also called on the Criminology department to diversify its current faculty members and future Master’s cohorts. 
07/20/20 12:55am
RA and Graduate Associate training, orientation, and future programming will proceed virtually this year, due to coronavirus distancing measures.
07/01/20 12:00am
Through operation on a mannequin, the video depicts a doctor treating a COVID-19 patient suffering from respiratory failure.
06/23/20 7:05pm
As of this month, Campaign for Community will offer grants of up to $1500 toward proposals concerning racial justice at Penn, in Philadelphia, and in students’ home communities. 
06/09/20 12:40am
GAPSA President Kelly Diaz has already started working on developing workshops to teach graduate students how to better support and provide allyship to Black students on campus. 
06/07/20 5:26pm
The fellowship, which will be awarded annually to one admitted MBA student, was established by 1984 Wharton graduate Jeffrey Schoenfeld and was awarded to incoming first-year MBA student Colan Wang. 
05/30/20 12:09am
The new structure will divide GAPSA's executive board into three divisions: programming, policy, and operations. 
05/29/20 10:10pm
Sixty RAs and GAs sent a letter to College Houses and Academic Services arguing that RAGAs and on-campus residents who left campus in mid-March should receive credits or full housing refunds.
03/02/20 10:12pm
The connection will include a new entrance to the GSE building, a four-story student pavilion of student lounges and group study rooms, and a two-story addition to Stiteler Hall.
02/05/20 9:21pm
Proponents of the program said it will be especially helpful for students who may be uncomfortable asking about sexual health in public settings.
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