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01/24/22 10:08pm
As of Jan. 21, over 500 messages have been submitted through the Gratitude@Wharton form to students, professors, faculty, and members of the Penn community.
04/04/21 11:07pm
Some students were optimistic that a return to traditional learning will be beneficial for their social and mental health. 
03/09/21 3:19pm
Only seniors who have participated in Penn's asymptomatic testing program this semester and who have not had housing or access to campus revoked because of a Campus Compact violation will be eligible to participate.
03/05/21 12:21am
If pandemic conditions improve, the Penn Relays plans to hold a local collegiate-only track and field meet on April 24.
01/22/21 2:27am
Penn replaced QuakerNet with MyPenn as its alumni database system in late October, improving search functions and engagement features.
01/21/21 1:45am
Students and RAGAs reported that some first years are gathering in large groups, violating the Quiet Period. Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé confirmed that Penn has intervened with some students who have violated these guidelines, but added that no COVID-19 clusters among students are currently known.
12/09/20 12:29am
One CIS professor described the loss of TAs as a “major headache” for the CIS department, predicting more crowded office hours.
12/01/20 12:15am
The Oct. 28 report also found that 2020 MBA graduates receive a median base salary of $150,000 — the same figure earned by the Class of 2019 the previous year.
11/16/20 12:29am
Students who have been matched with at least one Wharton graduate said they were previously unaware of the program and pleasantly surprised when alumni reached out to connect.
11/03/20 1:00am
Medical and dental students in the U.S. are paired with a student from West China Hospital in Sichuan and communicate via Chinese messaging and social media app WeChat, Skype, and other video conferencing platforms.
10/14/20 12:01am
International students called on administration for more support at a town hall meeting with Annenberg Dean John Jackson last spring after the pandemic amplified concerns about visas, traveling abroad, and the unstable job market. 
10/08/20 11:54pm
Many students said the remote semester greatly diminishes the MBA experience where students can no longer network in-person or take advantage of Wharton-sponsored traveling and co-curricular activities.
09/28/20 12:38am
For the past four months, Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, the union of graduate and professional students at Penn, has been demanding a one-year extension of funding for all doctoral students.
09/21/20 12:11am
Students said hot vegetarian and vegan meals such as vegan soup, pizza, and pasta tend to run out quickly, and many of the pre-packaged meals lay outside without being replaced for up to a week.
09/07/20 1:04am
Eighty-eight current and former Vagelos MLS students and faculty convened over Zoom on Sept. 6 for a virtual memorial service.
08/25/20 11:20pm
RAGAs were instructed to stay in their previously assigned rooms without fully unpacking their belongings for the two-week self-isolation period before relocating to their new dorm.
08/18/20 11:20pm
Off-campus housing for RAGAs will not be subsidized if worsened COVID-19 conditions prompt Penn to de-occupy campus further and force RAGAs off campus. 
08/08/20 12:46am
During a meeting with Deputy Provost Beth Winkelstein, RAGAs said they were given little opportunity to voice their concerns.
08/06/20 11:15pm
Penn's Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates are demanding fair treatment from the University as the fall semester looms closer, calling for a clear outline of their job expectations and increased compensation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
07/31/20 12:30am
Carlos de la Fuente anticipates his testing model will be produced at cheaper costs and offer faster results than current tests.  
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