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12/19/19 8:04pm
Patients from three floors in the Rhoads Pavilion were temporarily relocated to receive care in another part of the hospital. All patients are safe.
12/08/19 9:55pm
UA President Natasha Menon and Vice President Brian Goldstein said they could do a better job supporting student groups that they have not worked with before, while other UA officials pressed for an increased focus on climate change.
12/01/19 11:11pm
The shuttle will run on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting on Dec. 5.
11/24/19 9:58pm
Binti Hasbullah and Damianos bring Penn's total number of Rhodes Scholars to 30. This is the third year in a row that Penn students have won the scholarship.
11/21/19 11:48pm
Two suspects entered the store with handguns and took money.
11/20/19 7:37pm
Over 100,000 rides were hailed on Penn Transit's free ridesharing application to date this year. Rides are currently only available after 6 p.m.
11/14/19 12:08am
Some student government leaders said the change made their demands more tangible, acknowledging that Wax's tenured status made her firing unrealistic.
10/30/19 9:46pm
The diversity training covered topics like privilege, microaggressions, and biases, and included interactive games for the participants.
10/24/19 10:06pm
Engineering sophomores Sydney Baker, Sarthak Jain, Ronak Bhagia, and Arnav Joshi each won a spot on the UA. 
10/20/19 8:37pm
Engineering junior Claudia Detre, Engineering and Wharton sophomore Akash Jain, and Engineering sophomores Sydney Baker, Sarthak Jain, Ronak Bhagia, and Arnav Joshi are running to fill the vacant seats.
10/16/19 9:04pm
For the past six months, nearly all five of the Undergraduate Assembly seats reserved for Engineering students have remained empty after multiple unsuccessful elections.
10/13/19 11:57pm
For all students planning to live on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year, Penn's housing application process will open on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9 a.m.
10/13/19 8:24pm
The trial run will take place in restrooms in popular locations on campus, such as Huntsman Hall and Van Pelt Library.
10/07/19 10:03pm
The UA alleges that Wax’s comments violate a principle of the University’s Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators, which states that faculty are barred from engaging in “discrimination on the basis of irrelevant characteristics.”
09/25/19 9:30pm
The initiatives were planned before the death of CAPS Director Greg Eells in early September, but UA members said the measures took on renewed importance after the tragedy.
09/18/19 11:09pm
College sophomore Thomas Kaupas won the new transfer student representative election, winning against his three opponents with 31 votes. Only transfer students could vote in the election.
09/17/19 10:33pm
Associate members are unelected, non-voting members of the UA who apply to join the organization. 
09/11/19 10:57pm
Nominations and Elections Committee Chair and College senior Olivia Crocker said the NEC is hoping to place an emphasis on mental wellness internally and in the elected branches of student government through their role as election facilitators.
09/11/19 9:24pm
The renovated basement, which suffered from several broken electrical outlets, now has a rewired electrical system and fully functioning outlets. 
09/04/19 10:12pm
The NEC will also be holding a special election to fill four vacant Engineering seats on the UA. 
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