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04/30/19 10:33pm
Throughout the past year, Krone and Andrews prioritized transparency initiatives like holding open forums, as well as community engagement projects such as raising voter turnout in the midterm elections.
04/29/19 9:12pm
Although the high rise field is now closed off for the construction of New College House West, Penn's record-breaking $163 million new dorm, Class Board leaders said it will not affect the long standing tradition.
04/21/19 11:09pm
The five members of the UA executive board will serve in their positions throughout the body’s 47th session, which will encompass the 2019-2020 academic year.
04/16/19 10:32pm
This election cycle was the first affected by an amendment to the NEC’s Fair Practices Code which banned candidates from approaching potential voters with laptops.
04/14/19 10:32pm
An all-time high of $2,647,878.64 will be allocated to UA funded groups — which include the other five branches of student government, Medical Emergency Response Team, and Penn Labs — for the upcoming academic year.
04/04/19 9:40pm
College junior Brian Goldstein will also serve as vice president of the UA.
04/04/19 12:49am
Curry's presidential opponent, current UA Treasurer Natasha Menon, and UA President Michael Krone confirmed that funds went toward a social event, but said the UA did not violate any rules.
04/03/19 12:55am
Mirroring Monday night’s presidential debate, the candidates agreed on broad policy goals but diverged on whether or not prior experience on the UA executive board is necessary to execute the responsibilities of vice president. 
04/01/19 11:42pm
The presidential candidates will debate a second time on Tuesday night, which will immediately be followed by a vice presidential debate. The ongoing voting period, which started Monday, will end Thursday at 5 p.m.
04/01/19 9:04pm
This is the first election cycle affected by a Fair Practices Code amendment passed by the NEC in February which bans candidates from approaching potential voters with laptops or other devices used for voting. 
03/31/19 11:18pm
The race for president of the UA is between College and Wharton junior Maria Curry and College junior Natasha Menon. Curry currently serves as chair of the UA’s Dining, Housing, and Transit committee, and Menon currently serves as UA treasurer.
03/27/19 9:52pm
Sal Caputo, director of Facilities Management for Van Pelt, said that the renovation will include new carpeting, paint, soft furniture, and a rewiring of the electrical system.
03/21/19 8:38pm
Penn Dining aims to open Frontera’s replacement by the start of the fall semester, Chair of the Undergraduate Assembly’s Dining, Housing, and Transit committee and College and Wharton junior Maria Curry said.
03/13/19 9:00pm
This semester, Magic Gardens will be hosted by LW Productions, a Penn student-run LLC composed of Castle members and non-affiliated students, on April 12 during the week of Spring Fling, Hammond said.
03/10/19 8:56pm
The amendment will have its first impact on student government elections in April, when all of the Class Boards and the Undergraduate Assembly are up for election.
02/25/19 11:10pm
Sanctions for the Wharton China Business Society included a two-year suspension, cancellation of upcoming trips and conferences, and a mandate for board members to write apology letters to new members.
02/24/19 8:45pm
Students can request vehicles to pick them up and drop them off from 42nd Street to Rittenhouse Square in Center City.
02/12/19 9:45pm
Despite slightly less than 2,000 students eligible to vote as Wharton sophomores, juniors, and seniors, only 108 total students cast their ballots.
02/04/19 9:05pm
John Casey was elected with 61 votes, ahead of runner-up Wharton sophomore Chris Cherian, who received 47 votes.
01/30/19 12:37am
In hopes of filling the vacant seat, two Wharton sophomores have formally declared their candidacies: John Casey and Chris Cherian. 
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