Rackbox Posters

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The Daily Pennsylvanian offers out-of-home (outdoor) advertising in the form of poster locations on newspaper distribution rackbox units throughout the campus area.

Large, color, glossy posters provide a great opportunity to promote your image on campus. The rackbox units are located inside dorms, dining halls and classroom buildings, where students spend most of their time, as well as in high traffic areas around campus. Rackbox advertising is a perfect complement to any advertising campaign.

Rackbox posters are available in as few as one to as many as 28 indoor and outdoor campus locations, and are ordered and installed on a month-by-month basis (4 consecutive weeks).


$300 per unit per month.
Cost does not include printing.


Small Indoor: 17.25 inches wide by 21.25 inches tall
Large Indoor: 24 inches wide by 48 inches tall
Outdoor: 17 inches wide by 11 inches tall
All vital information should be kept in a safety area within one inch of the trim size.


Lead time for printing and distribution is three weeks prior to the start of each month. Posters are scheduled on a first-come basis for each campus rackbox unit location.