Finals season — that time of the year when students’ breath constantly smells like coffee and sweatpants seem to be the latest fashion trend. With lengthy essays to write, various examinations to study for, extracurricular activities to manage and hectic holiday preparations to make, it’s not surprising that many students feel overwhelmed when finals roll around the corner.

At LifeHacks for Wharton Students, an event hosted by Wharton Work/Life Integration in conjunction with the Weingarten Learning Resources Center Wednesday evening, Weingarten learning instructors gave advice on time management in preparation for finals.

Jenny Papadakis , a learning instructor at Weingarten, emphasized that “finals are an integral time to talk about time management and really encourage students to make one-on-one appointments to learn to prioritize how they spend their time.”

The event was kicked off with some friendly competition as students were separated into groups and tasked with creating the best advice for a case scenario involving a hypothetical Wharton student who was having trouble with time management.

Words of advice included prioritizing academics, breaking things into smaller achievable tasks, creating checklists, making sure to get proper amounts of sleep and working to form good study habits. Annie Li, a Wharton sophomore who helped organize the event through Wharton Work/Life Integration said “Your self-control is like a muscle. You can tire it out and you have to work to build it up.”

Although Weingarten offers many different strategies to tackling one’s to-do-list, not every strategy is for everyone. “It’s not one size fits all. It depends on your learning style and approach to studying, ” Papadakis said. Learning Instructor Ryan Miller agreed.

“Find what strategy works best for you and marshal the strategies that will help you,” he said.

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