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09/15/16 12:27am
As of late August, Penn Medicine’s Lung Transplant Program completed its 1,000th lung transplant — a feat shared by only four other lung transplant programs in the country. 
06/04/16 6:00am
The online project provides a canvas for students to publish letters to their freshman selves, detailing all sorts of questions, struggles, and triumphs they’ve experienced and offer retrospective advice.
05/13/16 1:34am
2012 was the year Penn's soon-to-be graduates first graced Locust Walk, but it was also the year of YOLO, Linsanity and the infectious "Call Me Maybe."
04/27/16 9:38pm
The card game company, known for its crude and unusual antics like selling a box of bull feces literally labeled “Bullshit” on Black Friday, offered her a full four-year scholarship to earn her STEM degree.
04/27/16 9:30pm
Spanish, French, Mandarin — and Java? As the debate to consider counting coding as a foreign language grows louder, members of the Penn community weigh in on the possibility of a similar policy here.
04/26/16 2:02am
The curtains opened as the pitch black darkness brightened to reveal flashing shades of deep crimsons, sparkling golds, and jet blacks.
04/21/16 1:50am
On April 22, 1970, members of the Penn community banded together to create the first ever Earth Day.
04/20/16 11:23pm
For first-generation students, locating resources, navigating college life and finding a community of people who share similar experiences can be difficult.
04/19/16 2:12am
School of Social Policy & Practicetitle and Perelman School oftitle Medicine professor Dennis Culhane says newer approaches to ending homelessness have helped mitigate the problem over the years.
04/13/16 2:49am
Researchers at Penn Medicine published a paper last month showing that state laws requiring drivers who have previously been convicted of drunk driving to pass a breathalyzer-type test before starting their cars saved an estimated 915 lives between 2004 and 2013.
04/12/16 2:26am
One Penn professor has set his sights far beyond University City: He has teamed up with NASA to discover planets like Earth that exist beyond our own galaxy.
04/07/16 3:53am
A recent survey by Chicago-based job search engine CareerBuilder showed that more and more job positions have increased education qualifications required in the past 5 years.
03/31/16 1:25am
Penn Integrates Knowledge professor Dorothy Roberts was recently honored as one of Harvard’s Women Inspiring Change for 2016.
03/30/16 2:23am
His TED talks, which both detail his work on drones and discuss the future of flying robots, have garnered a countless total number of views — the first talk reaching nearly 4 million on the TED website.
03/17/16 2:35am
Students across the Philadelphia area gathered together on Feb. 24 at the University City Science Center’s Quorum to compete for thousands of dollars in prize money at the first-ever College Pitch Philly competition.
03/16/16 2:12am
Kaufman recently released a book called "Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind."
02/22/16 12:56am
Penn Integrates Knowledge Professors Dorothy Roberts and Sarah Tishkoff have recently published a paper in the journal Science calling for the end of using race as a biological category in genetic research.
02/18/16 12:08am
Two professors recently found that a drug typically used to treat obesity can be used to treat cocaine addiction.
02/11/16 11:47pm
Three Wharton and Engineering students have discovered a way to drastically speed up beer brewing, winning $10,000 in the process.
02/08/16 9:21pm
lede On Jan. 29 Penn Vet Professor Gustavo Aguirre received the prestigious 2016 Louis Braille Award for his pioneering work in the research and treatment for vision disorders.
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