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Two freshmen in the third floor Green Suite of Hill College house are bringing a whole new meaning to the term “hallcest.”

Jen Greenblatt has grown very close to her freshman hall since the beginning of the year, but tensions have began to run high after she hooked up with fellow suitemate Jed Hutcherson Saturday night.

“Ever since we hooked up, I’m extremely unclear as to where we stand,” Greenblatt said. “We were all so close and now it’s awkward every time either of us walks in to join the group in the common room.”

Greenblatt has not only been obsessively stalking Hutcherson’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but also has asked all his friends what he’s said about her.

“I see him posing with a girl on Facebook and I get so freaked out because I start to wonder who she is,” Greenblatt said. “I always ask everybody if they know her and whether he’s been talking about me, but they claim he hasn’t mentioned anything.”

Hutcherson recently had a girlfriend come visit from Colorado last weekend. According to friends close to Hutcherson, they decided to go on a break.

“I’d been dating her for two years and I think we need to try other people in college,” Hutcherson said.

Hutcherson noticed that after hooking up with Greenblatt, he got increasingly more Snapchats of her posing with various guy friends of hers.

“She’s sent me at least five a day since Saturday night,” Hutcherson said. “I’ve gotten so many that she’s already bumped herself up to my top three Snapchat friends.”

Greenblatt said that she’s wants to try and get his attention so that they can define what they are. She also said that she doesn’t like being so unclear about whether or not they’re “together.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m the jealous type, but I’d like to know if we’re exclusive or whether he’s hooking up with all these girls I constantly see him with,” Greenblatt said.

Friends from the hall noted that there was always sexual tension between Greenblatt and Hutcherson ever since meeting during NSO in August.

“We all thought they were going to hook up a long time ago, so we were surprised they lasted until March — since he didn’t last that long Saturday night,” College freshman Alfy Reems said.

It is still unclear whether Greenblatt and Hutcherson are exclusive because they haven’t discussed it or gone on any official dates.

According to a good friend of Greenblatt, the two are going to a basketball game and dinner with Hutcherson’s parents Friday.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Hutcherson said. “I don’t think I’m trying to jump into another relationship right away, but I definitely like her a lot.”

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