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05/15/14 7:02pm
On Thursday, May 8, Director of Student Health Services Evelyn Wiener died. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment since then.
04/30/14 3:07pm

CAPS trains students, faculty to care for those around them

iCare, a new initiative by CAPS, is intended to integrate a variety of different approaches through an eight-hour workshop in order to help further the mental health conversation on campus. 
04/23/14 7:22pm

Tell doctors medical stories, and they'll remember more details

Professors Zachary Meisel and Jeanmarie Perrone are studying how doctors adopt medical guidelines, and how their adoption of the guidelines affects prescribing pain medications, such as oxycontin and percocet.
04/15/14 7:40pm

Penn professors interact with Obamacare through health care research

As health care has finally begun to expand over the past few months, fewer Americans are now without health insurance. Polsky is one of many Penn professionals who interact directly with health policy and the legislation that has come out of the Obama administration.
04/13/14 9:46pm

Perelman professor Jennifer Ruger elected to the Council on Foreign Relations

Ruger specializes in global health governance.
04/07/14 6:03pm

Engineering seniors attempt to normalize infant blood pressure values

Seniors Deepthi Shashidhar and Mingze Lin designed a program that can generate graphs using data collected from infants under anesthesia to determine if an infant’s blood pressure is too high or low, a feat never before accomplished, the seniors say.
04/01/14 7:55pm

A day in Penn Nursing's simulation lab

A patient comes in and complains of cold-like symptoms. Her past medical history includes an open reduction internal fixation of the right hip — more commonly known as a hip replacement. Her CO2 levels and her white blood cell count are both elevated, and her hemoglobin and platelet counts are normal. This is a typical scenario given to Penn students in simulation labs, a class that composes a core part of the School of Nursing's curriculum.
04/01/14 7:28pm

Penn Medicine will expand to new buildings and spaces

Penn Medicine, in an attempt to meet its ever-growing needs, is adding a number of new buildings and spaces.
03/30/14 8:01pm

Joke Issue: Freshman hooks up with hallmate; not sure it's a 'thing'

Two freshmen in the third floor Green Suite of Hill College house are bringing a whole new meaning to the term “hallcest.”
03/23/14 3:20pm

Study: Sleep loss could lead to brain damage

A study conducted by Penn psychology professor Sigrid Veasey over the past year shows continuous sleep loss could result in brain damage.
03/17/14 10:13pm

Researchers to study astronaut twins' physiology

Penn researchers will work with NASA to examine the biological and cognitive differences in twins while one is on Earth and one launches into space.
03/02/14 10:43pm

Class Boards to host mental wellness project

Class Boards plan to add to the mental health initiatives on campus and host the Wellness Project, working with CAPS to coordinate Mental Health Week and implementing Wellness Wednesdays.
03/02/14 4:58pm

Helping community members improve health

Community health workers are at the heart of a new model implemented in order to help improve patient outcomes post-discharge.The community health workers work in two different settings, some in a primary care clinic and some at the hospital.
02/24/14 6:49pm

When One Peer Goes a Long Way

Hospitals and doctors offices alike are made more accountable for improving patient outcomes given the new healthcare laws, and the Individualized Management for Patient Center Targets aims to fulfill this duty.
02/06/14 7:06pm

Active Minds launches mental health blog Pennsive

Pennsive aims to combat stigma of mental illness by engaging Penn student body in a conversation about mental wellness and personal struggles.
02/05/14 7:42pm

Two grad school health programs to leave Penn

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars program and Clinical Scholars program will admit one final batch of grad scholars.
02/04/14 8:51pm

Student-run mental health group, Cogwell, equips students to handle difficult situations

“We aren’t encouraging students to become someone’s counselor or psychiatrist but want to help them make the right decisions if they have to seek some other form of help,” Cogwell Chair and College junior Joanna Heinz said.
02/03/14 8:50pm

Positive academic environment reduces use of narcotics, researchers say

The DP sat down with researcher Dan Romero, of the Annenberg School of Communications to discuss his results on the relationship between the academic environment and the use of narcotics such as tobacco and marijuana.
01/28/14 6:44pm

Student-run mental health group to increase campus presence

Talking to peers is oftentimes easier than talking to a professional — this is the philosophy and ultimate approach of Penn’s mental health group Active Minds.
01/15/14 10:01pm
Grace Kunas, the new chief of MERT, sat down with the DP to discuss her plans for improving the organization internally and increasing campus awareness of its services
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