Wharton undergraduate Irina Malinovskaya still remains in limbo as the jury failed to reach a verdict on the fourth day of deliberations.

Malinovskaya is accused of bludgeoning to death Temple University graduate student Irina Zlotnikov, the girlfriend of the accused's former boyfriend, Robert Bondar, on Dec. 23, 2004.

This is the third time Malinovskaya is being tried. The first two trials ended in hung juries, the first 11-1 in favor of acquittal and the second deadlocked at 6-6.

When jurors continue to try to reach a consensus today, they will have equaled the five-day duration of the previous trial's deliberations.

This trial's deliberations were set back last Friday when members of the jury saw documents that contained information from the previous trials, proceedings of which the present jury should have no knowledge of in order to preserve impartiality.

After four hours of closed-door meetings, the jury was ordered to resume deliberations and disregard any informations from the files.

Yesterday, defense attorney Joe Hurley said he expected a verdict to be reached today.

Malinovskaya's parents, who live in Russia and are staying in a nearby hotel during the trial, remained waiting outside the courtroom the entire day.

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