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To the Editor: Specifically, what actually seems relevant is not whether the current A-3 board has done something bad, but whether A-3 employees are missing out on having a functional forum for solidarity. The reason this saga is pertinent to University Council is that it raises questions of consistency, and Council just happens to have at its disposal some means to help break the paralysis. Isolated A-3 employees are the ones losing out, as are, for instance, isolated graduate and professional students who are not served by their purported student 'government,' which some of us happen to be handing over to to the next bunch really soon. This actually interests me still far more than the aforementioned analog, and should be of no little interest to about 10,000 other people. Now that I'm on to my axe, let me grind it briefly. There is frequently a dearth of students willing and/or able to make significant input into the political structures at Penn -- potentially functional structures worth using and nurturing from within several constituencies. Alex Welte SAS doctoral student GAPSA Chairperson Insight on SPEC To the Editor: This is in response to the grossly ignorant editorial "The 'mother' of all concerts?" DP, 4/1/97. Before the DP intends to criticize the efforts of the Spring Fling or any other Social Planning and Events Committee, I strongly suggest they make the effort to actually find out about the hours invested and frustrations endured by these individuals over the past several months. A good start may be interviewing people who are actually members of a SPEC committee, unlike Howie Blumenstein. Perhaps the DP could have written more insightfully about the time and energy put in speaking to agents, organizing subcommittees, processing contracts, etc. to bring the best possible event they complain about. SPEC directors do not get their kicks from keeping bands secret or by disappointing students. In fact, the only reward we receive is seeing the events well-received by as much of the University community as possible. Melissa Muniz College '97 SPEC President

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