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01/12/18 6:43pm
The Orange County Register reported on Jan. 15 that College sophomore Bernstein was stabbed over 20 times in what authorities suggest was "an act of rage." 
01/10/18 2:14pm
A week after he was reported missing, College sophomore Blaze Bernstein has been found dead in a park in Orange County, Calif. 
01/05/18 4:51pm
College sophomore Blaze Bernstein was last seen entering a park in the Lake Forest area of Orange County at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday. He has not been heard from since. 
01/03/18 12:09am
 “[Will] was the type of person you could never find a bad thing to say about. He was driven to succeed, spending nights in, while the rest of us went out, to study for upcoming midterms or do work," Epstein said.
01/01/18 3:51am
William Steinberg was travelling in Costa Rica with his family when the small, single-engine plane that they were on crashed into a mountain in the Guancaste province, killing everyone on board.
12/26/17 4:28am
Larry Wittig, a longtime rowing coach who rose to a top leadership role in the Pennsylvania education system, resigned from his position as chair of the state Board of Education this week after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. 
12/25/17 7:38pm
Flanagan's deteriorating health condition was a result of a 2005 car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury.
12/11/17 10:35pm
Regardless of what students thought about Trump’s first year, the Penn brand has inevitably entered the national discussion surrounding his administration. 
12/11/17 6:13pm
For students, alumni and campus officials, 2017 was a watershed year for dialogue and activism around mental health. 
10/29/17 10:50pm
Administrators have a standard process to follow after any student death, but student accounts show that there are instances where Penn does not, or is unable to, follow this protocol.
10/29/17 7:42pm
“It is important that the death be addressed openly and directly. After a suicide, once the basic facts are known, any attempt to delay informing students will only encourage rumors.”
10/11/17 5:34pm
Wharton senior Henry Rogers is the third Penn student to die this semester. 
09/27/17 9:55pm
College senior Kate Jeon's installation chronicles the names of the 14 Penn students who have died by suicide since 2013.
09/20/17 9:00pm
Following student protests over a sexist email sent by off-campus organization OZ in 2016, the University set up a task force, which has just begun to implement a range of policies that have led to a widespread increase in event closures across campus.
09/06/17 12:48am
No clean resolutions are likely in any story like this—complete with blotted memories, bias and alcohol-fueled chaos. 
08/22/17 8:00pm
To mark the beginning of this fall semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian put together a series of the most interesting stories surrounding New Student Orientation. 
08/21/17 9:39pm
In this open letter, Graduate student leaders spoke out against Penn Law professor Amy Wax and linked it to recent events in Charlottesville. 
08/19/17 8:43pm
The employee reported being approached by two suspects who took her purse and ran away, according to a statement from DPS. 
08/15/17 12:34pm
Violent protests by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend have ignited outrage and condemnation from across the country, including at Penn.
08/08/17 2:14pm
A selected group of rising fifth-year undergraduates in the Engineering School will continue to receive financial aid for the coming semester but not for any semesters after that, according to the Bioengineering department's email. 
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