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16 hours ago
The employee reported being approached by two suspects who took her purse and ran away, according to a statement from DPS. 
08/15/17 12:34pm
Violent protests by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend have ignited outrage and condemnation from across the country, including at Penn.
08/08/17 2:14pm
A selected group of rising fifth-year undergraduates in the Engineering School will continue to receive financial aid for the coming semester but not for any semesters after that, according to the Bioengineering department's email. 
06/03/17 7:50pm
Gutmann has said Penn would continue to "speak out against powerful political people who put out policies that would be against our core mission." 
04/28/17 3:57pm
SEPTA released their proposed plans for service coverage in anticipation of two major events occurring in the city this week: the NFL Draft and the Penn Relays. 
04/03/17 10:58pm
"I do want to emphasize though that potential protests played absolutely no role in the cancellation of event," College Republicans political director and Wharton sophomore Owen O'Hare said in a text message. 
02/20/17 12:00am
In the past year-and-a-half, President Donald Trump has quickly become one of Penn’s most well-known alumni.
02/15/17 10:54pm
Penn records and Trump’s classmates dispute the claim that Trump graduated near the top of his class.
02/05/17 4:13pm
Despite the cold, close to 2,000 people, including Penn students, gathered in City Center on Saturday to march against President Trump’s recent executive orders. 
02/02/17 7:57pm
In January alone, three bills have been proposed in Congress to curb the H-1B visa program. Potential changes include increasing the minimum salaries of H-1B visa holders from $60,00 to $130,000 and changing the visa lottery system to a “preference system” that would give priority to students educated in the U.S.
01/31/17 4:19pm
Adam Wright, who was last seen on campus on Monday night, was found on the bank of the Conneticut River at about 10 a.m.
01/26/17 8:30pm
“Penn does self-identify as a Greek school, so as a result, I do think fraternities are imbued with a little more of a protective layer,” College sophomore and member of Chi Omega Alex Johnson said. 
01/17/17 8:44pm
Long club elections are hardly unique at Penn. While club leaders see comprehensive elections as necessary to select the most suitable executive team, many acknowledge that intense elections have repercussions on students’ energy and their emotional well-being.
12/13/16 12:58am
While student leaders of minority groups on campus said they were not surprised with the results of a recent study by Brandeis University, which found Penn to be lacking in socio-economic diversity and “hostile” to students of color, they felt the study left out certain nuances of their experiences at Penn. 
12/08/16 1:47am
Five undocumented students met with high-level administrators for two hours to discuss the University’s commitment to undocumented students.
12/04/16 11:17pm
With the recent addition of Swarthmore College, the list of “sanctuary campuses” in the U.S. now stands at seven.
11/30/16 12:47pm
The email comes amid heightened anxiety at Penn and other campuses over potential curbing of the rights of undocumented students by Donald Trump's administration. 
11/30/16 12:43am
Penn President Amy Gutmann has expressed her commitment to the protection of undocumented immigrant students, but she has yet to put forth any specific policy proposals.
11/29/16 1:26am
Tarka, which serves Pakistani, Indo-Chinese and Japanese food, was among ten establishments instructed by the Philadelphia Department of Health to “discontinue food operations immediately” due to “imminent health hazards.” 
11/17/16 12:57am
During his campaign, Trump said he planned to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, which ensures access to women’s health and requires health insurers to cover all approved forms of birth control without charging cost-sharing fees such as a co-pay.
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