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05/06/19 3:08pm
Now though, for what feels like the first time, I’m not dragging my feet. I’m ready, heck, I’m excited to move on because I feel like I took a mighty swing at this college thing.
01/16/19 7:00am
"When you look at the new people joining us, everyone has really shown that they’re really dedicated to the organization. We’re in a better position now than we’ve ever been to reimagine our strategy from a digital perspective,” said Digital Director Sam Holland.
10/27/18 9:53pm
The suspect in the shooting, Robert Bowers, 46, opened fire at the Tree of Life Congregation in eastern Pittsburgh and attacked during a service.
10/25/18 4:02pm
A UPenn Alert was sent at 3:30 p.m., indicating that the object was cleared and is no longer a danger to the community. 
09/26/18 2:07pm
The decision, which is part of an initiative to create a 'sophomore experience' for second-year students, was released to student leaders at a meeting in Huntsman Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 25. 
09/16/18 11:08pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Penn's first-ever Chief Wellness Officer, a physician who beat out hundreds of candidates for the job. 
06/24/18 10:12am
Harold L. Dibble was the Francis E. Johnston Term Professor of Anthropology as well as the Curator-in-Charge of the European Archaeology Section at the Penn Museum.  
05/05/18 11:49am
Carmen Maria Machado, a faculty member and artist-in-residence at Penn, alleges that Diaz lashed out at her when she asked him a question about a character in his book. 
04/27/18 2:39pm
'[W]e want to make clear that what was described in this article could not be more at odds with our educational and moral values,' wrote the Chair of the Psychology Department. 
04/23/18 11:17pm
For 3 minutes and 48 seconds, students and faculty welcome the incoming class of Penn Medicine students by singing and dancing with a life-sized gallbladder. 
04/18/18 1:57pm
The jet, which belongs to Southwest Airlines, was en route from New York to Dallas when one of its engines exploded, sending pieces of debris against the main body of the aircraft, CBS News reported.  
03/29/18 5:17pm
Penn has made a series of major announcements to do with high-level administrative personnel this semester. Penn Dental is only one of three schools that will welcome new deans in August.  
03/25/18 1:26pm
This marks a considerable shift from the University's previous policy, which stated that sexual relations were only prohibited "during the period of the teacher-student relationship."
03/16/18 12:02pm
It has been over a month since the 1963 College graduate Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct, but the fallout from these allegations have continued. 
02/28/18 3:27pm
Biden arrived amid very little fanfare, and two separate Penn spokespeople wrote in emails to The Daily Pennsylvanian they were not aware Biden was on campus.
02/21/18 1:18am
Speaking for the first time on the issue since Penn made its announcement on Wynn and Cosby, Gutmann said the decision to rescind the honorary degrees was 'very logical.'
02/16/18 7:47pm
Graduate student leaders say this is a strategic decision that graduate student workers across the country are making to ensure that they have the right to unionize in the long-term.
02/08/18 7:51pm
From a former refugee and a 75-year-old lifetime Eagles fan to a Penn graduate with his family of six, here are the stories of the people at the historic Super Bowl celebration this Thursday. 
02/06/18 8:57am
Mitchell, who graduated from Penn’s College for Women in 1967, is also the chair of the Penn Arts and Sciences Board of Overseers and a University Trustee Emerita.  
02/05/18 10:13pm
'In a year of political and social unrest where the fabric of what binds us together is being tested daily, the city of Philadelphia has a chance to come together,' reads the petition. 
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