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Two new charters proposed in Penn's zip code

Forty organizations submitted applications for new charter schools to the Charter Schools Office of the School District of Philadelphia, with at least one application coming from every zip code in West Philadelphia.

Penn researchers and teachers are partnering to improve schools

The first meeting between the Graduate School of Education and the School District of Philadelphia was held yesterday as part of the Shared Solutions research partnership announced in September.

The mini-conference held at the School District headquarters brought together about 100 teachers, administrators and community members to discuss current strategies and possible improvements for the district’s school reform efforts.

Teachers back in school at Penn

The Teachers Institute of Philadelphia brings together Penn faculty and public school teachers from West and Southwest Philadelphia to learn from each other and from Penn professors. 

Penn alumna fights for Philadelphia school reform

“The way we talk about young people in schools these days has a really punishing level of approach that is devoid of any level of caring, experiential knowledge and vision, frankly.” That’s the reason Helen Gym thinks it’s important for parents to be advocates for changes in the School District of Philadelphia.

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